Thursday, May 26, 2011

Training to Train

Now that spring has bypassed us here in New England showing us nothing but dank and darkness literally for the entire month of May, we are full throttle into summer. TWO DAYS IN A ROW of sunshine! Hallelujah!  Training and racing is in full swing.  I'm slowly getting my gnarly pink mitts around some good consistent training and I'm ready....  for more. Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve next month that I got roped into. I'll take guesses but you'll have to wait until my next blog post and CHERYL.. I haven't forgotten about my follow up Newton's evaluation. Hang tight.

This past weekend was our annual Team Psycho Training weekend. It entails  3 days of pounding one another along with character building but not without  the rewards of  a sweet and constant flow of Harpoon Ale, our main sponsor. Convenient, no?  Forget the Recovery Pumps, we've got beer and good beer at that.

This year our training fest was held in New London New Hampshire at Colby Sawyer College. They loved having us and the feeling was mutual. Surprisingly, Colby has a very nice pool (being a pool snob from MIT) and they opened it up just for us to use.  We stayed right on campus taking up one entire residence hall. We hired the catering/ kitchen staff to feed us and honestly, it was impressive.  Every meal was fantastic and you just couldn't complain an ounce about the variety and overall quality. For the last day of camp here's what we had for our farewell lunch after a long ride/run brick

To order-Burgers, hot dogs and Veggie burgers hot off the grill
BBQ chicken on the bone
Corn on cob
Fresh tomato and mozzarella and basil sliced salad
Vegetarian Caesar salad
Chipotle corn bread

For dessert- baked Alaska

As you can see, we did not starve. We did however, have to endure rain and plenty of
it. Two of the 3 days we arrived back at the dorms from riding completely drenched and spent from the hilly terrain. Lucky for us, we had plenty of hot water, heat and use of washers/dryers to get everything clean and dry just to repeat the same sequence over.  Ride. Rinse. Repeat.  I have to add, that the "house boys" on my  particular floor- Olympic hopefuls, Jarrod Shoemaker and Ethan Brown had laundry duty. What more could a girl ask?
 Oh well... EPIC my team mates say in regards to the weekend.  I had to laugh though because on day one( Friday) we started out IN THE RAIN and if I were home, no freeking way  would I be going out to ride in the rain yet there I was ready to roll not complaining one bit. We were there to train and I wanted my 3 days of cumulative fatigue felt by Sunday on my drive home to make sure I got my  "training to train" fill.  

All but a memory now, I'm the owner of a solid block of training toward my ** TGP  2011 Phantom Racing Agenda** (lol). Remember the title up there...  Training to Train. 

 4 days later and I'm JUST coming around to becoming un-sloth like from all the fun.  I felt under-trained for training weekend and each and every wheel I could LATCH on to during the rides, you can bet your lily white bum I did my girl power BEST to stay fully latched and even then there were times when I was gritting my teeth trying to stay in contact with the group I was clinging to dear life to. Often at times ( ok many times) when the pace felt torrid, I fantasized  someone would pull up to me, maybe an ambulance with a nice cozy cot to pick me up and drive me back to the cold bubbly Harpoon I.P.A.  just sitting there waiting for consumption  followed by a nap in my dorm room.  Ahhhhhhhh.

I would be lying if i said I don't have any racing plans for 2011 but I like to keep  you all guessing. Besides it will be more like a ** participation year**training to train, sans injury, mojo search and rescue.

I like training to train well. Just maybe it will reap a reward, however small.



Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Seems like I have done more "training to train" than "training to race" over the years :)
Are you allowed to bring a friend next year?? Hint hint

n8 said...

anytime you want to ride or run you just let me know...

cheryl said...

Sounds like a great training weekend. I hope you stay healthy this year and are able to do what you want to do. I've been in a similar boat. I'm just training now to get and stay healthy. If and when I race, it will be stealth, no one will know, just me. The only goal to stay healthy and have some fun. Looking forward to the Newton update.

Jamie said...

Looking forward to your secret racing plans! Hopefully they are speedy and injury-free.