Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22 and Why It's A Great Day!

It's going to be a great week. I KNOW THIS even though I got stuck in the MIT parking lot for 20 minutes after morning masters today until a maintenance guy finished his coffee and egg McMuffin and finally sauntered over to fix the broken exit gate. Then, I  was lucky enough to get stuck behind the recycle truck on a street I park on for work. You see, the recycle truck/garbage guys like to toy with us drivers trying to scurry to or leave for work.  It's a total power trip for them to block the entire street while they pick up the recycle bins and if you piss them off by beeping or getting right up behind them, forgetaboutit. You just screwed the rest of us drivers behind you as we too wait for the right of passage by the recycle truck. 
One "move your ass" beep and  you just sent them marchin'  over to the other side of the Charles River to MIT with the gate fixer,  to have coffee and an egg McMuffin and then perhaps come back and move their truck so you can get by.
Speaking for myself, I've befriended the  recycle truck men. I show them the proper recycle respect and If I'm the FIRST car that comes up to the happy recycle custodians with their big ol truck.  I do 2 things.

 I don't get all up in their manly man faces with my car almost touching their truck with a nasty look on my face. No no.  I work WITH the system NOT against it.  I give them a solid 150 feet and sit and wait back there with a smile, looking relaxed and sending "I RESPECT YOU" vibes up there... Then when I've been granted passage, I smile REALLY big and give a little- Marlo Thomas That Girl!  wink and a wave.

Simple and effective.

Now back to why it's going to be a great week.  I have an orthopedic appointment on Thursday and  I'm allowed to either water run or spin (for the first time in too many weeks to count) to test out my leg and assess my healing which I think is going fabulously.  It's the beginning of the end and things are looking up.

My upper body is in dire need of a massage with all the swimming I've been doing. I'm feeling like Lou Ferigno all fit up top but tight as hell and wasting away from the hips down, but as I've said before, nothing is forever and I'll be re-balanced  and running as smooth as the Brookline recycle truck before you know it.

Here's a swim set I really liked today I will share.

300 w/up  ez
5x 100  20 sec rest inbtwn.
evens: stroke/swim
4-count strokes  on 55
4- stroke choice on 60

Main Set (3x through)
400 on 5:40 (1:25 pace)
200 on 3:15 (catch your breath here)
4x 50 on 40 ( these should be HARD)
2x25 ez on 40


goSonja said...

Wowzer! 300 on 3:15! Catch your breath? I think I might catch my death!

Great set otherwise!!

I love the kill 'em with kindness uproach, works every time!

Trigirlpink said...

ah shite.. I meant 200.. sorry! Will change.....

Marit C-L said...

I like that - its the beginning of the end (of all the bad stuff) - I'll keep that in mind with my own health ;) Your Masters workouts are SUPER - hang in there and GET that massage! Your body really needs it!! :) Hooray for water running and spinning - take what you can get, my friend. I know I would!

jessithompson said...

Get yo'self a massage, girl!

kerrie said...

thinking of you and your appt. tomorrow. keep me posted and let me know how it goes - keeping my fingers crossed for some good news....other than that, i have some ideas for you which i will send your way.
talk soon