Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Light

I got it.

A conservative 2 watt  green light, but I got one.
 I can spin, I can water run and I can do yogahhhhh now. HELLO Prana Power Yoga!! Wouldn't you know, I splurged on 2 pairs of LuLu pants and BAM! I was cut off with my injury before i even got to rip the tags of those suckers.
  So Yay! I have to say, my eyes have started to glaze over with the thoughts of swimming and NEVER would I thought I'd be excited to start some water running.  6 solid weeks of just swimming had started to compare to watching paint dry.

I got reacquainted with my dust collecting bike with the dry chain and flat tires. First just a 30 minute spin, then a 40 minute go and today, a whopping  50 minute session all without any real resistance on the pedals.  I hooked up the Ironman Florida course on my CT. Something I've never done before.  I did a smidgen of the course and It got me thinking; do people really get on on Computrainers and ride full Ironman courses?
Just not my cup of tea I guess. Rather poke hot needles in my eye than have my a$$ planted on a stationary rodent wheel  for hours on end.
It looks as though April 25 is my target date to begin some normalcy in training as long as I don't lose my sanity and do something moronic  and blow my itsy bitsy ever so slow- re-introduction to training.

Happy matzo and peep eating this week.


Jennifer Harrison said...

PROGRESS! That is great news, E!
Were your ears ringing this weekend? We were talking about you at Tucson Camp...just other bloggers that read you and enjoy you!

Peeps? Oh ick. Chocolate or nothing! :))

Ange said...

Yay....enjoy getting back into it! (also sidelined earlier this fall/winter..ick..) Yes...Jen's right! we were talking about how you inspire us!! I'm with ya both on the peeps...nasty little birds.

Mer! said...

WAHOOO!! So excited for you!!!! Enjoy getting back into it!!!

Jamie said...

Woohoo! Welcome back.