Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pumpkin Man Results

Mission accomplished!
The run was no surprise. I have to count this 13.1 mile run as one of my 4 long runs
leading up to and including the race. 2:07 certainly makes me flinch and it was the most painful run ever but I got it done and happy overall!
Congrats to Mary Eggers for making the long trip from NY and scoring first amateur!! More to come later with lots of pictures!!

104 3 115 DEBITETTO, Elaine NEWTON MA F45-49 00:27:19.468 00:03:02.232 02:42:21.388 00:01:22.664 02:07:11.976 05:21:17.728

more results can be found at


Mary Eggers said...

i am so so proud of you sister. and the moment we hugged i felt like we were very old friends. thanks for everything today and for the incentive to race for flowers!

Marit C-L said...

Aaawwww - you two are so cute! Congrats on your race! NICE JOB out there! YEA! Can't wait to see pictures and read the RR! :) Rest up and enjoy the recovery - yea!

Rebecca DeWire said...

How awesome is it that you got to run!!! I would take a 2:07 run split over the aquabike any day! You did awesome considering your injury this year.