Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!

I think I must have been on another planet while writing my last post when it was 60 degrees because now I'm back on Planet Reality where it's 43 degrees colder and I've slithered back into hibernation mode. My ass has been firmly backed up against my wood stove with cravings of mid day power naps and mac and cheese. I'm finding it hard to get outside to run especially if the temps are below 30 which is odd for me (I used to run in anything) and here's why. It's difficult to MAF run in the winter when it's icy cold outside, keeping your heart rate pretty darn low without getting really cold pretty darn quick even with a ton of layers. I've been stickin' with MAF running since November 9th TOTALLY dedicated to the plan with every run in the required zones. Thanks Kerrie for checking in and keeping me motivated when I've wanted to jump ship a few times and helping me stick to the plan by explaining stuff and answering my questions.

MAF running, I'm learning is all about discipline and the willingness to suck it up and resist the temptation of running too hard too much too soon. My goal is to get to February 9th which will give me 3 solid months of honest base run training. I'm hoping it pays off so that when it's time to add some intensity,I'll be primed and ready to roll.

I'm looking forward to 2009 and some of the changes it will bring. A few things are certain:

1. I will be racing my entire season in some capacity in memory of Margaret Nervegna

2. My season is planned but I will only blog POST race this season as I felt in some ways, discussing an upcoming race and it's importance beforehand felt like bad karma.

3. I need a fresh new blog template and need to work on this!

4. I have a new steed to ride for 2009 and it's currently sitting in a corner at the custom painters waiting for something er..... in pink????? Ha!

and finally,

I guess I really don't have any resolutions per say but will strive to take control of things that I can while simultaneously learning to let go of stuff that has no real importance, positive impact or truly matters at the end of a day. I'm hoping in doing this it makes me happier, stronger and gives me a sense of contentment which in turn can be redirected toward others around me in a positive manner. I think this is something that doesn't come so easy (for me anyway) and I will have to work toward this! So.....

here's to a fresh new year!!! I'm always up for a challenge, aren't you?


kerrie said...

happy new year!!!! and yes, your patience and dedication will pay off big in the end. you are working on building a big engine for all the crazy fast racing you are going to be doing in 2009 :)

Mel said...

My glass is raised to you sista...hoping a happ,y injured free new year and hoping I will get to me are one on my MUST meet list:) xoxo

Marit C-L said...

Cheers to a great new year! Hooray for solid run training - that's HUGE, especially with the injuries and stuff. You will be more than ready! Yeah, pre-race blogs... I don't do them too much either. What a wonderful tribute to Margaret - I know she would be touched! Stay "warm" :)

AJ said...

hey elaine. happy new year!
i've been out of that pool for 2 weeks! Today was floppy noodle arm day. What a mess.

Totally with you on the pre-race blogging! I've always been superstitious about that stuff but decided I was going to try letting it go last year. Didn't work out so well. ;) So I'm succumbing to my superstitions once again as well.

rr said...

Your very own lucky sweats are in the mail as of Saturday! Expect them SOON! And I like the post-race blog thing.. I should join you on that!

Eileen Swanson said...

I love this, yes! Letting go of stuff with no real importance, YES! Focus on the good and the good to come ;-) 09 is going to be awesome.....

JB said...

Hey E-
Happy new year.