Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cat Poop, Sugar Cookies And Other Ramblings....

It's Saturday! Woo Hoo! Gotta love the weekends. It's also January booooooooo. The worst month in New England followed by February the 2nd worst month of the year in New England. Might as well throw in March next 'cause that ain't no walk in the park either.
All the festive lights that distracted us in December are all but extinguished and we are thrown in a deeeeeeep freeeeze here with no end in sight for a while.(sigh) Everything is icy and the air is so dry it makes you cough.

Anyway, tonight is our Team Psycho year end party that was postponed from early December. Something fun to look forward to. It's rare to see all your team mates in one place and we are expecting 70 with catered food and flowing beer.
I was asked to bake something and this is all i could come up with.
Who the heck is going to be eating cookies at a bar anyway? I gather by 12am when people can't see straight and have been shut off for the night,the cookie pounding will begin.

I did get in a good trainer ride this morning and here's a fun little picture of it!
I decided I wanted to do a workout shaped like a cute little pyramid. HA!
I admit I'm a total tri gadget geek using my Computrainer and my PowerTap at the same time. I just want to make sure the wattage numbers match and then when I'm done, I can download my tri geeky workout from the PowerTap to my online Tri geek
data collection area better known as Training Peaks.

And lastly, I just know your on the edge of your seat for this one.

Cat poop.
I've personally only witness this in a tight compact form until today. This guy

obviously had some intestinal distress last night (lucky for me not in my bed) and if you have a cat and own one of these Litter maid, self cleaning litter boxes
then you would know that diarrhea and a Littermaid rake don't mix. So for all you non Littermaid/ cat owners out there, imagine mud like poop all intertwined

in the nice automatic self cleaning litter box rake.

All I can say is Thank you Jesus for the pilfered latex gloves from work and the triple pack of Lysol disinfecting wipes I just bought at BJ's yesterday.

Anyone want a loose stooled cat????


Marit C-L said...

Orca kitty looks so sweet and innocent on the bed there :) Yes, the self cleaning litter box will NOT work if the poop is mud-like, Yuck. Is Orca kitty's diet okay?

Oh - and LOVE the powertap graph. That's awesome. You always know you're working hard when your watts are above your heart rate. Or at least that's the idea, right?!? :) Nice job!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I was just thinking tonight - MY LIFE would be complete with a loose stooled cat.

Cathy said...

January, February and March are fine - you just need to add some other sports to your repetoire. Picked up those cross-country ski boots yet? We're heading to Lincoln this morning...

Eileen Swanson said...

Yikes! Hope Orca kitty is ok, and hope you are too after cleanng up ;-) Eat some sugar cookies for me ;-)

Mel said...

OK...sista...PLEASE don't use the word cat shit and cookies in one post:)...we have 3 kitties and picture me down on all fours cutting hair around my cats shitty A-hole and hoping not to clip a ball...there ya have it...cats are a mess:)

BreeWee said...

No kidding... this cold is not as much fun as it looks in movies where everyone is skating around on ice skates and making snowmen...

Hope the party was a smashing success and the poopy thing works well!

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