Thursday, December 18, 2008

MIT Masters Lane 3 Holiday Fun

Where are the morning MIT Masters swimmers in Lane 3???


drinking alcohol in place of chlorinated water, and having way too much fun.

mmmmmmmm beer

I don't know how we did it, but we planned ahead and got every last one of us in lane 3 0f 7 lanes to join in for a bit of non aquatic socializing. This was strictly an *our lane only* party. What a bunch of lane snobs,eh? Ha! Most of us get up before 5:30 to swim and to be honest there isn't much fun and laughter to be seen or heard at AM Masters. In fact don't look at me the wrong way or your apt to get your pull buoy whipped across the deck and if you miss that send off.... OMG... hell have no fury like TGP's morning scorn. (just kidding) We are a different breed for sure. But hey, toss a couple of beers our way 13 hours later and the fun never ended. We've got an awesome diverse group of neuro surgeons, money managers, MIT professors and research staff to name a few all with a common interest. Swimming!


kerrie said...

how fun! don't you just love the off season???
i have "my lane" too! and on tuesday i was forced to kick a certain miss chrissie w. out of it! seriously, i was like "wtf are you doing in MY lane?". probably a once in a lifetime kind of thing, lol.
still waiting to hear about those test must have the foot pod by now :)

Pedergraham said... do you fit all those people in lane 3? Or, do some of them just come out for the drinks? Looks like a lot of fun. Hope you are doing well.

Jennifer Harrison said...

FUN! I love my lane mates too...nearly teared up and cried when one moved this past fall. Looks like a fun lane 3!

Marit C-L said...

Yeah! Lane 3 rules! I swim lane 3 as well - but I've gotta say - you're lane 3 people look a lot nicer than my lane 3 people. :) Ditto on Danielle's question - how DO you fit all those people in lane 3???

Mel said...

Yeah I stink at the swimming thing...BUT don't even try to jump in my lane and seperate my mother in law and me...
Love the party pics...looks like a bunch of fun people and you look great and cheery:)

Mer! said...

Ohh! Awesome post!! I haven't been back to "my lane 3", well, since before Arizona....=0

Just wanted to say a huge "thankyou" for the post on my blog about your friend who is also thinking about starting a family!! I'll have to leave her a note!! I totally agree, no sense sittin' around waiting for kiddo's....but at the same time, it is on my mind, so to have someone else to bounce ideas or thoughts off of would be awesome!!!

You're super sweet..oh, and yeah, i'm *exactly* like you in the family STILL tries to get me to "be cheery". I'm like LEAVE me alone, it's the ONE time of day i'm NOT smiley....sue me =0


Eileen Swanson said...

Looks like FUN times!! Happy Holidays, enjoy your time off ;-)