Thursday, May 15, 2008


This week was supposed to be a nice ez, taper week, right? Between getting ready to travel to Fla, MRI appointments, ( MRI confirms labral tear in my right hip). I'm trying to squeeze in another Ortho appointment to discuss treatment options along with an unexpected delivery of our Team Psycho uniforms that arrived this week on my door step. Since this was my project for the team this year, no way was I gonna let it be a free for all without me being here to oversee things. I felt compelled to do the sorting, labeling and bagging of each members gear with some help that really took up way too much of my time. It's done and ready to distribute with minimal mistakes in the order and none made by me! Yay!

Off I go.... to Sunny HOT Florida. I will run and run as hard as my body will allow and enjoy the start of the 2008 season! Yipppeeeee!


Mel said...

I LOVE THE SUIT...Funny I just ordered a suit the SAME color yesterday!!!! Have a blast in Florida and I really hope the body holds up for you to bring in a good race for 2008.....GO GO GO ...I will be following you know when you are not feeling like not to push it...MEL is at home yelling at you :) OH and make sure you KNOW the course ....he he!!

Anonymous said...

GO GO GO! I love that suit as well. Anything in PINK I LOVE! I can not believe I don't race in pink, but I don't!!! Have a great trip down and get some sun on your back while working your butt off! Jen H. :)

Cathy said...

Good luck in FL! Make sure to post a report when you get back.

BTW - that pink suit would look lovely with my new pink bike ;-)

Anonymous said...

good luck!

how do you get into one of those?

Anonymous said...

Your labral tear: I am ex-elite level ltwt rower that turned to racing bikes and discoverd a torn labrum in the process....had 2 surgeries and now left with not much labrum....and have encountered many probs with my entire left leg (shutting down when on the bike, loss of power) due to the instabilty the shaving & debriding away the labrum.

The top docs in the country are as follows: (I didn't know back in 2000 when I got my 1st surgery)

Marc Philppon - Colorado
Byrd - Nevada
Brian Kelly - NYC (studied under Philppon)

I'd recommend you see one of them before doing anything. Essentially your labrum is rotator cuff in your hip, but is much shallower.

Be careful. You can also try prolotherapy if the tear is really tiny. That treatment may heal it.

I had a 3rd tear from a big bike crash in 2006 and surgery wasn't an I had the hip joint proloed and it's now gone.

Good luck and if you need more info feel free to email me.

BreeWee said...

WOW! You got a full plate during the taper... your suits look like fun & of course I LOVE visors!

I am glad you finally know what is wrong with you... now I just hope you can get it working well & without pain soon!

Safe travels to Florida and enjoy your first race of 08! Make it a good one, we are cheering sooooooo loud for Tri-girl-pink! YAHOO!

Eileen Swanson said...

Have a great one....Love the suit! Super cool! Crazy, how we are all super busy at the same time.....Best wishes in FL!


Brooke Myers said...

safe travels, run safe, and I love the suit.. I think I need one like that....

Mel said...

Go and ROCK n ROLL face on and GO GO :)

AJ said...

Re: your labral tear:

I don't know how I ended up on your blog but, it's funny because apparently we're from the same area of this big world...but anyway,

It was determined last year that I have a small labral tear in my hip as well. I don't know if surgery has been presented as an option to you but, I was informed that it will basically ruin your ability to use your hip well and was strongly advised against it. Cortisone was an option but I passed. After a year of lots of pain and problems and working with a PT - some hip rotation/extension exercises and some strengthening and it actually improved and does not bother me anymore. Now, lots of stretching and massage keeps the soft tissue tightness at bay and manageable and the rotation exercises still fix the "need to pop my hip" feeling. All is good. No drugs, no surgery. It took about 6 months or so to get to this point though. Just thought I'd share, if it helps any. I know what a pain it can be.

Good luck.