Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to prepare your bike for a semi tractor trailer ride

Bye Bye bike. See you in Sunny Florida. I've chosen to once again use TriBike Transport
to have my bike shipped to Fla instead of packing it up in my Trico case and lugging it to the airport with me. By what I've read lately, the airlines are not letting anyone get by with extra luggage or an over sized bike case without charging you. Tri
Bike Transport does a nice job but don't expect your bike to get there completely scratch free. Last year mine came back with a small dent in the frame. It happens.
So this year, I stopped into Lowes and picked up some pipe insulation tubing and wrapped it up as well as areas I thought might rub against other objects while being transported by truck.

Tomorrow I have my Athrogram MRI at 9am. I'm anxious to hear what they find and
if I can get some cortisone before Florida 70.3 I've decided to do the race to determine if CDA is still in the picture. Wish me luck. I'll need lots of it!!


BreeWee said...

Fingers crossed! I hope the shots work wonders for you! AND I hope your bike makes it in one piece without any scratches!
OH, if you ever fly American they have a luggage rule that anything under 62 inches is free, a bike box (depending on the one) is shy of 62 inches so you can tell them you read it on the website and to pull out their rulers and measure! Then you can take your bike for free- just tell them to pull up the website and measure! I kind of feel like a butt-head making them hassle this but the website says it and 80 bucks is nuts to fly the bike!
Best to you and I hope your legs and life are awesome this week and up to the race!

Eileen Swanson said...

Get well, I HAVE to see you in CdA! PLEASE! I will be wishing, praying, crossing my fingers, and just about everything else for your speedy recovery! Think positive....


kerrie said...

you are going to be fine! the florida course is made for you swimmers types ;). smart thing with the bike cause yeah, they have been charging a ton lately...i have heard so many horror stories. also, then you don't have to haul it around the airport and try to cram it in your rental! when do you leave? are you going to see mickey? lol

Cy said...

I had a great ride in your 'neighborhood' yesterday. We left MIT and headed West towards Concord. I saw a bunch of other Team Psycho riders in Concord, and I was looking for the pink bike... Despite the major pot holes, it was a beautiful ride! Best of luck in the test tomorrow nad have fun in Florida.

Mel said...

FINGERS and TOES crossed and I will have my kids fingers and toes in there also to add some more extra luck :) nice and neat job on the bike :) Can we say NEAT FREAK!!! I did not know you were going to do Florida????? Yippee now I will have you and Katie to follow!!!

Pedergraham said...

I am hoping that your hip holds up well down in Florida! I agree with Mel--you should open up a bike wrapping biz. I am still laughing about the picture you posted on Slowtwitch last year of you riding an ancient bike with an ancient helmet on the week after FL 70.3. Will you put that picture up here for all of us when you are in recovery mode next week?
Keeping fingers crossed for you--alhtough we have a lot less fingers at our house than Mel does...

Marit C-L said...

GREAT idea about the bike transport. Both Jen H and Mary Eggers got ripped off at the counter to fly their bikes - somewhere between 230 and 270 $$$. NOT cool.

I liked Bree's idea - very good! So if we can get smaller cases - THAT is the key! OR - just ship it. That works great as well.

Hope the hip hold up - I'll be keeping MY fingers crossed for you! Positive, healing vibes your way!