Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Riderless Bike is a Sad Bike

It never broke 30 degrees outside and surprise surprise the wind was howling again and I didn't have an ounce of mojo or the legs for that matter to jump on my Computrainer. So my bike just sat there,looking pitiful and lonely.
Quite frankly, my legs are like wood, stiff and sore and they are lacking in the zip zip zippy department. An unscheduled rest day it was. I blame this solely on myself thinking or rather not thinking of training hard on Thursday,coupled with a 2:13 long run yesterday that I slogged through in the rain then I thought I would do a 3 hour ride today AND a indoor tt at the New England Multisport Expo tomorrow.
My legs are like... uh uh. No way. So instead
I cleaned like a mofo
I shopped the same way. Helllllo BJ's! I'm stocked like the plague is coming.
I cleaned some more
and I'm now making homemade pizza.

Tomorrow is another day and my legs are forever thankful.

oh.. and this... this has GOT TO GO.

It's slated for a passenger side ride to
work with Mr. TGP come Monday morning.


Pedergraham said...

Sometimes you need a day off to get the house clean and in order, pantry stocked, etc. Then you are all set for a fresh start the next day--and organized, too!

TJ said...

A riderless day for my bike as well.
That pizza sure looks good...

Mel said...

OH my, look how clean your oven is...that is crazy :) Send me some of that pizza!!!! Ya I guess that is why I do not follow any schedules (or I will disappoint myself of not following it) I do what and when and how long I want (even though I have no clue what I am doing or supposed to do) but so far it is working for me :) Start fresh the next day...I really believe our bodies say enough sista, give me a days break :)

kerrie said...

ooooh, you can send the candy jar my way- looks pretty vegan to me ;). i hear you on the crappy riding - i sucked it up and went out today in gale force winds just cause i couldn't face the trainer. another one of those stupid rides where i am sure that i am just wasting my time as i grindy-grind-grind one way and then fly a million miles an hour the other between holding on for dear life. my legs are feeling pretty trashed now but i keep telling myself that they are supposed to feel like that now so tomorrow just a little swim and then a lot of sitting around - no cleaning here, lol

GCDavid said...

What kind of cave do you train in? I like all the trophies surrounding you as inspiration too!

I'll take the jelly beans.

GZ said...

Hey - how do you do your pizza crust? We do ours in the bread machine ... just curious.


Jacqueline Mariash said...

love this post! can totally relate! i made cookie dough yesterday because i was stressed about my bike! can that go on the passenger seat as well? ahhh!