Monday, March 24, 2008


Seems to be the trend, so I'm jumpin' on board.

Easter is over and I ate too much.
I love chocolate and peanut butter too Jen.
I bought a new toy last week and it just came in the mail today here at work. I got a Garmin 305. I opted out of waiting for the new 405 that is coming out and from what I've read,is behind in production and people are getting emails after ordering, they have to wait until August. Huh? Someones head is probably on the chopping block at Garmin I would presume. Race season is RAPIDLY approaching and people want their toys.
Anyway, the 305 as bulky as it is, will only be used for run training and not for racing so I could care less about the slick new 405 size. $206 sits with me just fine including free shipping. I think this will be a nice tool to see my pace as well as my HR when I'm running.

I managed a 2:45 ride outside in the wind tunnel on Friday. I saw one other rider out there with me and
I think I almost got off my bike to hug him. I rode toward Wachusette Mountain which is kinda hilly following Kerrie's suggestion to ride 2 hours into the wind but turned around at 1:30 instead of 2 hours. I did have somewhat of a teeny tiny tailwind, but the wind just seemed to be every which way coming back home and I had some rather large hills to contend with as well hence the 1:30 turnaround.

I'm sore today after a 2 hour run in Hilly Bedford NY visiting family.

Did I mention I loved peanut butter and chocolate as much as Jen?

I'm so happy to hear Marit is doing better.

I just ordered Skinny Bitch and Daniels Running Formula on Amazon

I'm in a swimming rut right now. Friday I got pummeled by my late mates and I left
the pool feeling dejected and turtle slow. They all seemed fresh as a daisy and I was swimming as fast as I could to make the intervals and almost got lapped.

I tend to swim following hard workout days and so fresh I am not. It does piss me off that I put the time and effort in and I'm consistent with my swimming so I feel I deserve to be able to swim just as fast as anyone in my lane.
Just doesn't work like that!

Pinky, my Elite T-class is in bike surgery at the moment. She's getting Dura Ace components and some FSA crank set(FSA K-Force Light Compact with ceramic bearings in a 172.5,I've been informed) that my mechanic Chris foams at the mouth over and convinced me I needed. We won't talk about how much it was. I asked two questions: Does it come in pink and I can't see the stupid
bearings,why do I need this expensive one?


kerrie said...

nice! i have been pocketing G2's change now for two weeks and I have just over $100 ;0)(seriously, now can you not notice that?), so i think i may be ready to get my garmin 305, without him noticing, in a week or so. where did you find one for $206? i found 214 i think on amazon...
i have consumed more than my body weight in refined sugar in the last day however, i am convinced that it will make me fast somehow as i am having trouble sitting still.

Mel said...

AWESOME job on your are putting some long times in...Sorry about your swimming...I think you need to order another new Splishy :) Sounds like you had a great Easter and I think we ALL ate too much...but that is the fun of it :) The Garmins are a nice little gadget I have the 205 and my husband has the 305.....BUT it will PISS you off when it is beeping you to SPEED UP :0)

Pedergraham said...

You are right on about the swimming and keeping up to the fishies who don't run and bike, too! Hope that you get some nice warm weather for some good outdoor rides really soon.

GCDavid said...

You want to feel faster swimming? Swim with me. You are guaranteed to leave the pool feeling better about yourself. I'm thinking about hiring out my services.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate & Peanut Butter! I am reading Skinny Bitch right now. It is good! It is hard for me to read it b/c I am a huge meat eater - always have been and will be..but I surely don't like reading about Meat and how it gets to the table. Nothing too surprising in there, but the way these 2 gals write is Awesome! Jen H. :)

CCC said...

Why not get the 705!?

Eileen Swanson said...

i agree with mel. you may need a new splishy to get you fired back up again. i would offer to design one for you, but i would rather see mel do one for ya ;-) hang in there and have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

I have the it. Great choice!

Hey, I think you and Jen H should get into a chocolate & peanut butter eating challenge! Maybe after the fly challenge? Just kidding...sounds yummy tho!

Have a great one.

kerrie said...

got my 305 today...bought it from some guy, new in box for $175 :)...i'm sure it is probably stolen. now i need to figure out how it works.

Marit C-L said...

Love the randon-ness. Always fun! Easter only comes once a year. Only one time when we can eat chocolate and peanut butter eggs... yum. Sorry about the swimming. Hang in there! As a self-professed "lover of turtles" sometimes its okay to join in on their fun. Think of the "Finding Nemo" turtles. :) Or not... ::)) Hang in there with the swimming, it will pay off, I promise!