Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Team Psycho Indoor Time Trial

A success! Phew! It was a great day. We had 3 Ironman Champions (2 being my very own hot shot team mates) Dede Griesbauer and Karen Smyers along with Tony Delogne and US olympic bound, Jarrod Shoemaker participating Saturday. Kudo's to Cort Gothboy Cramer for smokin' the entire field. So you can't swim for shit, but you are the WATTAGE KING!!!!!!
As for me, I faired pretty well. Yeepee for cyclocross! I have to say, my fitness from 11 races this fall along with a solid tri season certainly contributed to my fitness Saturday.

2007 results
28:14 ave watts: 193

2008 results (same course)
26:29 ave watts: 225

all results can be found here

Here's some Hottie Heat pix!

me with my twisted insane face removed on purpose


LtoR Catlin,Alica,Robin,me

Misha and Karen


kerrie said...

nice pics! you look tough as nails :).
to answer your question about the DC thing, no so well, lol....i'll try and post a pic of me later in the hospital and you'll see what i have in my hand(oops).

Trigirlpink said...

Hospital?? oh no.....
Diet Coke's on sale this week. 4/24 pack for 10 bucks. Wooohoo!

tough as nails.. lol
Did you see my head wound? That would be from me yanking a cord out of a wall socket here at work last week and the plug ricocheted off my forehead. Just in time to have a scab for everyone to view at the TT. Pretty!

JB said...

how 'bout them apples! nice.

Pedergraham said...

Way to go with the improvements. You girls all look so TOUGH!

JorgeM said...

ochI can't believe I missed the fun, ugh! well I honestly just wimp out cuz I wanted to have fresh legs for the 10K race I did the next day ;-)

GCDavid said...

nice job. Love that pick of the Slipstream argyle bibs. Oh, I have four cans of Diet Coke here from when my mom was visiting that have your name on them. I saw from your recycling bin that you are fond of it.

Trigirlpink said...

Good thing I hid the Schlitz cans at the bottom. Just toss those DC's right in the mail box!