Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lactic Acid Buildup

tagged with a heart rate of 171-180 that I will be averaging, and some serious thigh burn. This along with the very odd feeling of having 30+ pairs of eyes fixated on wattage numbers on the jumbotron size screen set up in front of a semi circle of cyclists on Computrainers gutting it out in a range of anywhere from 23-30 minutes. The annual Team Psycho Indoor Time Trial will be held this coming Saturday. It will showcase 8-9 heats of cyclists creating puddles of sweat and some serious suffering for 9K.
This year, I'll be in heat eight. I did not choose to be placed in this heat, it's just where Dave put me. Maybe he put me here for a reason. I'm thinking it's because it's exciting to watch a gutted cow thrown over the fence at feeding time at the zoo?
The heat I'm in is fondly called "The Hottie Heat". Frankly, I do not belong in this heat. I'm far from *Hottie* material and every other woman in this heat will be chewing me up in micron bits and tossing my pathetic wattage sorry ass right out window like confetti for a ticker tape parade.

All in all, it's a fun social get together with good music, beer and a chance to catch up with teammates and friends.
Besides that, it's no more than 30 minutes of humiliation (for some) and then everyone forgets anyway.

Here's the 2008 Hottie Heat line up:

Anna Stauss (is faster then me)

Dede Griesbauer (see #3)

Karen Smyers ( no comment)

Micha Ramsey (Micha is a pure powerhouse on the bike)

Elaine DeBitetto (Doomed)

Robin Sheedy (Let's see.. Robin ain't no slouch herself. I'm hoping as a busy
attorney this has kept her too occupied to get on her bike lately and thus I have a chance to stay within reach)
Alicia Kaye (Do you think Olympic bound Jarrod Shoemaker would have a wallflower
as a significant other? See #3)

Caitlin Shea-Kenney (This is just ridiculous. Let's just have a Pro party in heat
8, shall we?)

After much thought over this, I've realized the pressure is really off of me. All eyes will be on the big guns. Dede's got the target on her back after winning last season. Wish me luck or more like an intact Psyche!


Cathy said...

You'll be fine. Sounds like fun to me ;-)

Besides, how many of them have a pink bike????

kerrie said...

sounds like lots of fun to me too! for fun, you could always "adjust" everyone's back brakes before you started:)!!

Pedergraham said...

You have age and wisdom on your side. That way, you'll only have to adjust Karen's brakes!

Good luck. We are looking forward to your "race" report.

Don't forget to drink lots of Harpoon afterwards!

Jacqueline Mariash said...

how fun! I wish so bad I was there to attend this. I have to do a 30min TT in my basement on a trainer with no friends. You are so lucky!!!! Go get em girl!

JB said...

so i shouldn't have emailed the other women in your heat and told them, "Elaine says, 'your ass is grass'"?

GCDavid said...

Umm, if I had 8 extremely fit women in front of me, the last thing I would be eye-balling is their wattage outputs.

CCC said...

So how did it go??