Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last Up -Wrenthem Cross

Tomorrow is it. #10 on the cross circuit for me. Time to chill and eat magic cookie bars and drink steaming mugs of hot chocolate after a 4 month long Cx season. It's freakin' freezing here today and the wind is still whipping. Hopefully it will die down before tomorrow. I can just imagine myself dressed like the StayPuf Marshmallow guy just to get through the race. I just get way too cold too quick these days.

Yesterday I snagged a BlueSeventy long sleeve Helix wetsuit for 288 greenbacks(retail price $525) and here's the kicker, I was going to order it (size med) on line at but my friend Dede who's about the same size as me forewarned me to try on both the Med and the Med/small at our LBS before ordering it online. Thankfully I did and she was right, a medium would have been too big in the chest and arms and I wouldn't have been able to return it to SBR. Lucky for me the LBS matched SBR's price and I didn't have to pay shipping. Whaaaaa!!! What a HUGE difference in the arms and shoulders in this wetsuit design. My Orca Speedsuit always fatigued my arms when I swam in it. Hellloooo Ebay!

One less thing to buy this spring for CDA. I tried hard to divert my attention from the carbon Guru frames hanging on the wall calling... "you need me..plez take me home" My plan is to nag Dede once a week from here on out until I wear her down to a stub so she will give up one of her Guru's to me if she gets another new one this coming season. What are friends for? :-)

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