Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've decided to sign up for the BU Masters LMSC Championship meet coming up December 14th. I did the 800 free last year so I thought it would be fun to do it again. BU has a nice facility and the 800 free is exclusively a Friday night event so I don't have to get wrapped up in all the other short course events on Saturday or Sunday. Last year I won my age group for the 800 free.How I managed that is still a wonder.

Unfortunately, I'm far from being in stellar swim shape at the moment and this week I set a record by attending Masters 3 days in a row AND stayed for the entire workout instead of slithering out of the pool in the middle of the main set when Coach Paine wasn't looking. Whoo Hoo! Today, I nabbed an empty lane and Bill had me do an 800 broken up into 100's with a 5 second rest to see where my base time was. 1:20 it appears.

Then I had to do a 400 with no rest, just watching the clock at every 100 trying to go under a 1:20 pace. Ouch.
I was all over the place. 1:10 1:25 1:20 1:17. I started riggin' (as in rigor mortis) by the last 100.

At least the pain from doing cyclocross has taken the edge off the discomfort of swimming hard.

It seems that the MIT Masters Committee can swim but just can't get it together for a simple logo design for a cap and swimsuit for those of us participating in meets this winter, so I took it upon myself to visit and order up a suit for the meet. Burn baby burn....


CCC said...

Swimming SUCKS.



Trigirlpink said...

Come on over and flip my lap cards!

JB said...

What Cort said.

GCDavid said...

Does Paul know you soliciting men to "flip your lap cards"? Scandalous.

What is this swimming thing by the way? I should take it up sometime.

CCC said...

How long would that take? If I lose count, what happens? You become AG National Champ? :)

BTW, is Paul going to the Barely Trained Triathletes thing tonight?