Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Reflection

  Cyclocross season 2013 is coming to a close and I find myself a bit pensive that it's winding down but balanced with relief I raced drama free and didn't allow my ACL reconstruction to play but a very minor role. As the season progressed, I  focused less and less on  my knee and after 3 races, I was able to shed a brace that I swore I would never be able
to give up.
I am nine races in and 2 more will close the books for me this year.  It was a really fun season even with a rocky start. I surprised myself a few times accomplishing mini things I just didn't think I could do and each and every race I gained if only a smidgen of confidence in my riding ability along with some good fitness that I haven't had in what feels a very long time.

One thing I lacked this season was a set of goals which I think might have helped me a bit more see clearly  the small victories I've  accomplished instead of focusing on being where I wished I could have been.  I thrive on challenges and cyclocross puts me right smack in the center of the ring. I am tenacious and strong-willed and I will  work for something  until I get it sufficiently right or at least until  I'm satisfied (which is almost never. Ha!)  I think I've lost my drive for triathlon for this very reason.  I lack the pre-race anxiety I used to get and the self induced pressure I buried myself with. I worked hard and I was rewarded but after awhile the challenge along with the desire have faded slowly away.

But not with cyclocross.  Oh no. I show up every race with I'm pretty certain, a face contorted like I'm next up at the town square flogging.
 The line up is the best for stress inducing anxiety!  I've peed six times before any given race  but put me at the start of a cross race and instantly I gotta go. With triathlon, I just conveniently  peed in my wet suit every 15 seconds. The best is  the  30 second warning at the start line " the whistle can come at any time ladies"   I swear one of these
times I'm going to bust an artery and it will be on a day I wear my white skin suit, right?  My reward differs completely compared
to triathlon too.  In cyclocross I'm ecstatic at the finish because I made it through without  leaving  a critical body part out on the course where as in triathlon, an age group win was what I was always after with razor sharp focus.

Two different sports.

Two different results.

  The same  desire and drive to do my very best.

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Anonymous said...

Looking great Elaine!!!,


Jamie said...

Man, you are a great writer.

I totally get the feeling missing that "hyper nervous" feeling at the start of a triathlon. Hopefully you'll get it back, but I'm glad you've at least found it in cyclocross too.

Florence said...

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