Monday, June 10, 2013

5 Things I'm Doing, Getting, Not Missing, Or I Paid For -Soon To Be Suffering Through

I have no good  excuses for not updating my blog. There are lots of good things happening to chat about rather than a plateful of complains  so what gives??   (That's me asking me)

Answer: Lazy

Here's a condensed update in short sentences and a little visual as to not bore you to tears. You'll be done in 45 seconds and on with your day.

Here we go.

*My fresh off the press custom Seven Cycles/ Honey Bikes 29er  frame is being built up today. 6-10-13   YAY.

* In  approximately 5 days, I will be on my bike for 8+ hours  riding 148 miles to VT for my 8th b2b ride.  YAY (I think)
b2b 2012. Photo credit: Harpoon Brewery

* I  did some research and finally ordered a SUP board  and it was just delivered.   YAY!

I know, pink.. what a surprise, right??

* My ACL/knee is so back to normal, I rarely think about it now. It will be 8 months June 10th from my surgery.  YAY

Oct 2012

Oh.. and just for kicks, Here I am at a  super fun Luna Chix women's only mountain bike clinic about a week ago with Marla Streb. She was fabulous and made everything look easy breezy. Here I am doing a wall track stand. Add in 85 degrees with 70% humidity with no air flowing in that corner I was in, and damn....It's harder than you think!
Photo credit: Serene Forte

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