Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012- Here We Go!

 Here's my impression of New Years (Eve):

 It's an over rated marketing gimmick and valid excuse for people to sleep half the day away on New Years Day  belly up with confetti still stuck on their face, green around the gills from driving the porcelain bus half the night while sporting a mystery hickey.  I'm such a party girl, huh?  I'm seasoned and know better (ok.. OLD). Here's my dirty little secret:  In my 20's I use to drool about New Years Eve raking in some SERIOUS CASH slinging cocktails as a cocktail waitress. Yep, little black dress, towering high heels, cocktail tray above my head full of drinks, my cash sorted and folded between my middle and ring finger under my tray. I knew my single malt scotches, if you wanted your martini dirty and never ever wrote down a drink order. WHAT A SKILL, eh?  lol...
Now I'm like Lola.. She was a show girl...but that was 30 years ago.. when they used to have a show... and she wasn't going to bed at 9....   

Happy New Year nonetheless.  I'm gonna attempt to change up my blog a  bit. Add some spice so we're not all watching paint dry over here.  See the little tabs up top?   I'm gonna try and start filling 'em up with stuff. Stuff that may be useful, maybe not, but It will be something different to look at!   Favorite stuff will be junk
I love and or can't live without. TRX will be just that, me or my TRX coach, MD Stovalli demonstrating via mini video clip how to use it for warm up/ targeting a specific area and using it as a multisport athletic performance enhancer that will not only get you rock solid but also keep you from injury. DISCLAIMER: 
Even though I have been doing TRX for over a year consistently twice a week, I am no expert. Take what you
want from it (hopefully good stuff) but be sensible. It's not for everyone and it's NOT EASY. Take a class
to really understand how it's done and perhaps if you do have it set up at home, you can incorporate a new
exercise seen here to change up your routine.
The Snaps tab is just a sprinkling of my most recent favorite photos. More can be seen HERE.
Just my hobby that I love and strive to become better at!
Lastly, my 10 Questions. I'm REALLY looking forward to this.  I will be trying to dig up some interesting  folks who have inspired and or intrigued me in some fashion who I will ask
10 (hopefully) inquisitive and thoughtful questions and post their answers here.  

So.. stay tuned! 2012 is a fresh new superhighway. HANG ON TIGHT!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


GoBigGreen said...

Ya I think my blog needs an overhaul too. I looked back to my first posts and just cracked myself up!
Happy New Year TGP, and btw all was normal. WTH? happy but no known cure for what ails me:) code for " the girls just need to HTFU!"

Eiric said...

I have a Cosmo Please

Carole Sharpless said...

Loving you girl!!