Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes You Can!!!

Is there no better feeling of mastering a task that you've been struggling with then FINALLY being rewarded after countless hours of dedicated practice getting it?
 I GOT *IT*  yesterday and I have a video just for you to laugh witness my seemingly unreachable goal.

  Remounting a bike while moving seems simple, no? Just swing your leg over and off you go. What is the BIG DEAL?? Well, I'm a good example of how difficult learning this skill can really be for some.  This is my fourth year doing the sport of cyclocross and I finally made the commitment this year that I was going to GET this skill  DOWN if it killed me. I am growing weary of being the kid in the playground too scared to go down the slide and left over at the sandpit feeling left out. Typically, I 'm left at the barriers or the top of a steep run up standing in a complete shut down of forward momentum while trying to re-clip into my pedals as the field of girls gets further and further from me.  Like learning to drive a standard,  or getting that pace clock down for swimming, I am almost there. Victory is near, I can smell the barn door but it didn't come without endless repeats riding around a field in a obsessive compulsive haze not clearly understanding my complete inability of hopping on a saddle just inches from where I stood and why it was so damn hard. It doesn't make sense and heck, I don't even have appendages exposed in my crotch area to SMASH on a saddle.  I will admit I still need much refinement to make this a habit. Until then, I will SAVOR this little victory of a skill I thought I'd NEVER GET. Varooom....It's the best Monday ever! Get out and whip a$$ your own
nagging hurdle! 

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