Sunday, April 24, 2011

L-Glutamine And Other Junk

Spring has sprung here in New England if ever at a snail like and cautious pace. You remember Parker, don't you? Golden Retriever, Age 5, loves bananas, steak, hugs as you can see here. Hates romaine lettuce, snappy black dogs, house smoke detector alarms.  Owned and operated by my sister.  Here we are embracing in complete and utter JOY that it really is SPRING and soon he will be sampling a morsel of
Easter dinner ham.

I am up to 14 hours of weekly training now and 2+ weeks into consistent use of L-Glutamine.  I have not missed a dose (6-8 grams a day) and I have to say, I am surprised how good I am feeling especially now that I am ramping things up (for what purpose I'm not exactly sure) I have no real season planned but it's apparent, I live to train, race season scheduled or not. Ahhhh but fear not. I've been lurking around the race calendar and I don't think I will make it through the year without some sort of crack addict fix of triathlon.

 Now a 3 hour ride is nothing for most of you triathlete  readers, but for me, it's a big day out and
I've at least broken through this barrier recently with the hope it won't continue to be complete bleeding from the eyeballs- drudgery now to have my ass planted on a saddle for 3+ hours building up something that resembles bike fitness. Here's my motivation...Team Psycho Training Weekend (insert scary music) coming up in May. Oh Boy... That is a post all in it's own so i will save it for later. My team mates show love by dropping you like a bad habit on the rides and ridiculing you over dinner the same night. It's really fun!!!

Getting back to the  L-Glutamine.  I have felt completely SPENT after a particular ride (ok..most all of them right now) or day when I mix a hard session (beating) of TRX and say a tempo run tacked on  and feel TRASHED. You know that feeling? When you legs sort of burn going up stairs and it feels like lactic acid is just swirling around in there? But by the next day, after the addition of the L-Glutamine, I've found I'm no longer limping around and feeling fatigued to the point where all I want to do is graze and  to go lay down. My easy/recovery day is still just that-treated as it should. But at least I'm not struggling just to get through the recovery day. VICTORY!  I do recommend you do some research on your own and give this a shot if in fact you feel that your own recovery could use a boost.  I'm thankful for finding this supplement that is simple to take, easy to digest, has no flavor and doesn't break the bank.  Try to get the purest pharmaceutical grade you can.  I purchased mine here.  2- 1LB powder form containers.  If you do try it, I would love to hear your own feedback so let me know! One more point I shall make on this, taking this AFTER a hard session of training and before you go to bed are doses you don't want to miss. From what I have read. These are really important times to take it for Endurance athletes.

 Happy Healthy Spring Training  And Racing.  Gummy chicks and rabbits included. Gawd..I love these things! :-)


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Anonymous said...

I, too, love Gluramine. I particularly like mixed with Endurox after a hard workout or race. It is like a miracle powder!!