Friday, March 25, 2011

I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better... Yes I Can!

I'm back from Boulder and my 3 day trip was a success! All three days saw me at the Newton Running lab having impressions for orthotics on day one, picking them up for testing on day two, and day three, attending Danny Abshire's run clinic. I found the clinic imperative for visualizing, executing and receiving the correction I needed in changing my run form.
TGP and Danny-follow the leader
Having another pair of eyes evaluate your form and make corrections made all the difference so that I could take it back home and continue on my own. I learned a ton and I'm ever so grateful for the time spend with me by both Danny and Jennifer Abshire as well as Paul at the Active Imprints lab for making me superior custom orthotics.
I've been super smart in taking the required time to break in my Newtons and I'm happy to say I'm up to 45 minutes with no calf tightness and my new run form is coming along nicely. Gone are the days when I head out the door and let my mind wander as I run but I'm hoping one day, I won't have to continually be engaged with my brain with every foot strike and constantly making slight corrections.  It's supposed to be "natural running"  and damn it, I'm sticking to this until it does. I've signed up for a 10k in  June and I'm looking forward to seeing where I am at that point. Think SLOW but with GOOD form!!!

In other news, you'll notice my Team Water. org logo  up at the top  and I encourage you to
click on the link and poke around the site.  It is a true eye opener in the sense that we take clean,
clear, safe and abundant water for granted and that is truly an understatement. I hope to join up with fellow Team Psycho team mate Kyle Damon ( yes, Matt's brother) in being a tiny voice in this worldwide crisis by becoming a team member and doing what I can to support this great cause.  There are a lot of charities in need out there and it's hard to pick just one but if I do race this year, it will not only be for Margaret Nervegna as it always has been since her untimely death but now too for a chance to change a village or a save a child by helping support the basic need of  clean,safe water.



Anonymous said...

That clinic sounds so cool!! Very happy you were able to do that. I know super good things are in your future :)

Unknown said...

Best of luck on the 10k and new running form.....I need a clinic like that for swimming ;-) LOL