Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

I think I'll rename this blog: ** Damage Your Hip And MORE**
My latest hip inspired adventure took me to Coolidge Corner Imaging for my latest MRI . I've been there for imaging  6,(count em') 6 times over the past 3 years.  How crazy it that? This time for an arthogram MRI where they stick a very very very very long needle into the joint space filled with dye to view the labrum and determine if the tear (we already know it's there from 2008's arthogram) is larger and to view other structures to determine my hobbling predicament.
The MRI report suggests that there is a small tear in the posterior part of the labrum with of a smaller tear in the anterior labrum.  

Hummmmm.. I only remember one being there back in 2008.  Nuts......

Next up, a visit with a hip surgeon who probably wants to hone his skill at yanking out my hip from the socket and cleaning up the torn cartilage and whatever else they do. We'll see about that.
For the meantime, I'm maintaining my bike fitness and doing some cyclocross. My hip doesn't really like hobbling over the barriers or running through the sand pits, but it's not enough discomfort to keep me from staying off  my new carbon Ridley cross bike . Charlie, if you are reading this I REALLY REALLY wanted a mean green Trakkers skin suit for cross but I guess I waited too long to wear you down with my TGP whining to actually get one.  

Here I am in the Pain Cave of SuckBrook Cross in Auburn NH.  After the 2rd of 4 loops, I was stepping not hopping and dragging my bike over the barriers . I suspect I'll be come fitter as the races come and not feel like I will implode due to lack of oxygen.  Yikes...

I'm way too chicken and slow to line up in the front

Dirty faced and beginning to uncoil. Someone get the girl a Ponds face cleansing cloth!

I won't lie. I look FRESH and happy while playing in the sand because it's only the first loop of 4!

Photo credits go to Rob Bauer of MinuteMan Road Club


Melissa said...

Ohhh, nice pics! CX sounds like so much fun.

Boo about the hip scan. Are you really potentially facing hip surgery? Yikes! (but good if it'll 'fix' you).

GoBigGreen said...

Ugh E!!! You know i know a few people who have had that surgery and if you do it, you WILL recover!!
just do what you think is best.
As for Cross...OMG its so easy in lap 1 isnt it:)
You look awesome. Hope you get some good options, sorry you have to be a freqent MRI user. There should be a BOGO deal:(

kerrie said...

seriously? you have got to be kidding me....perhaps you could get a titanium hip ;)?
do they have any ideas as to how/why this has happened?
just be careful!! we need to keep you in one piece for a little while longer.
cx looks like fun but a little to hardcore for me....i can't believe they actually make you carry your bike!!

Anonymous said...

Looking awesome on the 'cross bike! :) I love Ridleys! Yeah! That lap 1 feeling as your HR goes from Z2 to Z5 and higher... crazy!

Kerrie's comment is funny I was gonna suggest a carbon fibre hip :)

Sorry about the hip :(

PJ said...

Hi, Elizabeth.

I've lurked on your blog for awhile after I ran across it when doing research before my own hip surgery. Sorry to hear about the further hip woes. When I was reading your posts earlier this year, I found myself wondering if, in fact, the labral tear was coming back to haunt you only because the symptoms you had described were so similar to mine. I, too, had injury after injury after injury that followed the same chain as yours have seemed to (I ended up with three femoral shaft stress fractures along the way).

Anyhow, I went through surgery 6ish months ago for labral tear debridement, osteoplasty to fix cam impingement & partial psoas release on both hips. Believe it or not, I actually had a relatively decent tri season this year (not without a lot of hard work to get back in the game).

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you wanted to talk to another triathlete who has been there/done that. I live in MA and did a lot of research on the best hip doctors in this area as well.

patriciabrownell at gmail dot com.