Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Anybody Really Reading This?

I guess I should update this thing for the 3 of you faithful lurkers hoping for some really good drama.

I got none.

I'm SUCH a bore these days.  Instead of racing ( I relate this to holding my finger over a hot flame) I've been hanging out on the sidelines too chicken to test the waters.  Soon.  Maybe.. But as I confided in a select few, I'm not telling if, when or how.  I'm a closet trainer and I shall be a closet participant of any event I might jump into.  But no worries!  I'll share the carnage (post race) in full detail if and when I get up the nerve.

My training is churning along.  I LOVE my workouts, my schedule and everything is coming along nicely. It's just that it's coming along nicely at a rapid snails pace.  More than 1/2 the fee I pay for coaching goes for weekly whining I have no problem dumping on my coach because I'm not where I think I should be. I'll share  a typical response I get: Please note, I've added some "response whining" in red below to my coaches comments

Here’s today’s hard lesson:

When on the come-back trail (really anytime, but particularly then), we are frustrated with where we are (slow), and just want to get where we’d like to be (fast). There are 3 choices at this point:

1. Say “screw it” and just jump to the paces you’d like to be at. Just be aware that it is a long commute to Portland for physical therapy should you choose to get injured again (oops, I mean jump to the fast paces)

2. Say “screw it” and give up on sports. I truly hope you just laughed at the ridiculous nature of this option (I know I have many many times)

3. Say “humbug” ....more appropriate " f*ck it...", have a mini breakdown as needed, and be okay with where you are (slow). Training at that point will enable you to get to where you want to be down the road (fast).

Keep the faith, girl. It’s a long road from a lengthy setback or three. You mean my labral hip tear, my foot stress fracture and my hip stress fracture? Three IS a charm!! Consistency is the key. Staying injury free keeps you moving towards where you want to be. Moving there too quickly just sets you back further.

On another subject,I am having fun with my camera. If I chose not to race, I'll take some pictures and this weekend I put my newest SLR camera to good use.. I'm embarrassed to say I know how to turn it on and that is about it. SHAMEFUL, but I'm making the commitment to learn a good part of what it has to offer instead of guessing and using the wimpy auto-mode over the next month.

Here's a few (just got lucky) shots I took this weekend at a race in Gloucester MA. I have a lot to learn but it's really fun experimenting.

I like how this came out by just playing around with the aperture setting
This was a total-right place at the right time- shot. I love this!!! I was using one of my two lens- a 55-200 zoom lens as I sat on the pavement on an uphill.  I had no idea what I captured until I downloaded this image. I don't even recall team mate, Dave Nerrow standing there as Karen started out on the run.  BTW: he is encouraging her to go *chick* one of our team mates who's famous for smack talk and could use a bit of humbling.

A dripping, muscular, display of maleness. Nuff said.

A man in a wetsuit..... It CAN be a good thing. I've found that you can oogle at the 
opposite sex without looking obvious with a camera in your face.  :-)

You see the pattern here, no?

The end


Sue said...

ok, i shall read you for the pics!! nice ones btw. make it a great week!!

chr15 said...

I'm in too, i'll stop lurking!

Love the three options. I'm currently working my way through them too! This weekend i'm gonna try and run 30 miles just to see if i can/still can/it hurts/it kills me, or E: all of the above...

The pics are great, they look PRO.
I love the one of the cheering on the girl running either that or he's demonstrating how to get more aero on the bike leg.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am so impressed at your photography skills. And being patient is so hard. It sounds like you are on the right track, though, for staying injury free.

baker said...

I only stumbled upon your blog a week or two ago and love the posts! I really enjoyed the 2.4 Mile swim in Maine report.

I too get really frustrated when I cant get my speed up to par during a race. I often just find myself holding onto whatever pace I can maintain just to finish. Thjis happened to me recently at a race and Im wondering how to get faster. hmmm... more speedwork? better nutrition? sleep? get a coach?

GZ said...

Yes, I lurk.

Love the photo where your bud is getting encouraged to go chick a dude.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I READ every one of your blogs, you know that! Love it. I enjoy you. I have NO idea why. LOL ha. Fun pics is right and glad you are getting your bad self straight.

drdave said...

Love the pics!

Keep em coming

Melissa said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of your teammate and the guy cheering her on, that's a great candid shot. I'm saving up some $ to buy a nice camera, and your pictures just convince me even more that I want one!

It really stinks that you aren't where you want to be with racing, but you'll get there and you'll be injury free when you do. What a boring thing to say, I know. It doesn't make the situation any better, but it's true. It's hard to be on the sidelines.

Wess said...

Wow - your fan base is growing... more than 3 for sure, but you knew that already!

Like I said via FB, love the pix - very clear and crisp. Would love to take shots like that but will need to move up from the 3.2MP on the blackberry.

Hip stress fracture?!?! I missed that one; knew about the labral tear and foot... whoa, sorry about the hip. Such a bummer, but you'll prevail!

A couple weekends ago I fell back into Option 1 and tried to regain my fitness on one single Saturday ride... it didn't turn out well at all. That's how I used to train before coached-guidance.
Have flirted with Option 2 as well, but not really an option and it quickly changes like the New England weather.
Option 3 BABY! Steady as she goes! It's not only a sport but a lifestyle choice... one you will be highly competitive at for many many years to come!

So I will join you in choosing #3 - and (for me personally) as you commented earlier this week, I will "celebrate the here and now"...

And, Portland IS a long trip to rehab an injury with the best PT Doc around (the East coast lost a great Dr and guy when Chris, I mean Dr Ramsey, moved West).

Keep smiling and we'll see you out there with either camera or P3 in hand! (I look forward to the latter).

kerrie said...

that is an awesome picture of karen! wow. apparently you have all of these hidden talents.

i, for one, am glad to hear that there is NO real drama going on in your life :) Boring can be a good thing.

Carole Sharpless said...

i LOVE this post!!!!!
Keep on keepin' on, sweet friend.