Thursday, June 17, 2010

My A$$ aches

And so do my hamstrings, my quads, my abductors and adductors for that matter.  Add in my scapula(s) ( don't we have two of these?) on both sides. Armpits, eyelashes and cuticles..... simply EVERYTHING. Arrrrgh.
  Just for good measure I got a solid 4 hours of sleep last night to add to my quality crankiness . Holding up my soapy shower scrungie seemed to be too much of an effort today.

I can blame no one but myself.   I missed TWO sessions with my Mike Boyle-Strength and Conditioning nazi, coach, Nicole last week and I'm quickly learning through my aching a$$/whole body discomfort, I can not do this or I will feel the wrath of (TMT)  the meat tenderizer AGAIN and AGAIN.

Last night  I was back into my routine with Nicole who had to be wound up on some type of caffeinated double latte thingy laced with a Red Bull because she was RELENTLESS.(Picture yelling and clapping at me for 60 minutes straight) Perhaps she was punishing me for my absenteeism?
If I wasn't lying on the floor banging out  scapula pushups,  seconds later  she had me throwing some big  squishy (heavy) ball like
this against a cement wall while kneeling down on one knee. 
It's pretty much  the same pattern every time I show up and I am WELL PREPARED for the excitement now. Within 15 minutes, my eyes are bulging, my face is red and wisps of hair are flying from my (used to be neat and tidy) ponytail  making me look rather possessed and WAY TOO SWEATY. We move from one thing to the next to the next to the next and NEVER even touch a weight machine. Those days are OVER. No more traditional weight machines for me. Slide boards, TRX, and my own body weight do just fine in beating my doughy a$$ and hips to a pulp.
It's all for a purpose you see, and before you know it, you'll be able to bounce a quarter off my butt cheek AND you won't have to listen to me
bitch about my latest injury, cause there won't be any. HA!


Jamie said...

Finally! I was getting sick of all your complaining. :-)

Heal up and get those hips and booty strong!

jessithompson said...

great post... love the quarter bouncing!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I *HATE* to say "I told you so" but....I KNEW you'd love it and just what you needed. It kills doesn't it? Grrrr. GOOD, I am happy you are happy!

Michelle Simmons said...

That sounds awesome! :)