Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Smell The Barn Door

...and it smells GREAT!
It's week 12 of a 13 recovery phase for me.  I MADE IT!  Whoooooo hoooooooo!  Well almost and you can bet your Lilly White A$$  I'm ALL DONE with this chronic injury CRAP.  

Fact:  I have not had a injury free, consistent solid performance race season since 2007.

Yesterday I took the bull by the horns and set up my very first session with a strength and conditioning coach.  Nicole is going to whip me into shape and figure out just how out of whack my body really is and stop this cycle for good. ( we hope)
She wanted to know a bit about my  history so I thought I'd share  this email I sent to her:

Ok Nicole, so here's a brief history of my injuries with my last 2 (current) MRI reports:

January 20th 2010    TGP says"  Gosh... my hip flexor is so sore"
MRI findings:

R/O Stress Fracture:   MRI left hip   February 17th 2010

There has been interval development of abnormal increased T2 signal intensity at the medial aspect of the left femoral neck.  Although no definitive linear hyperintesity is seen, the findings are compatible with medial femoral neck stress fracture. A small amount of fuild signal is seen asjacdnt to the lesser trochanter at the level of tendon insertion of the illiopoas muscle that likely represents tendinosis/low-grade strain of the the iliopaoas muscle.

  for over 6 months  TGP says "Gosh.. my right a$$ cheek and underlying bones/tissue ACHE all the time. I can't even sit on a stool at work"
R/O Stress fracture: MRI right hip  September 3, 2009
MRI says:
Strain/partial tear of the tendoinous insertion of the right hamstring muscles onto the left ischial tuberosity and mild
strain of the subjacent quadratus femoris muscle.
Lesser degree of strain of the tendinous insertion of the right hamstring muscle onto the right ischial tuberoisty.

February 2009
TGP says:  " Damn I think my left foot is swelling up a bit
and my Plantar Fascitis  is really bothering me"

MRI reports showed:

Cuboid stress fracture and PF.

April 2008 TGP  says " Wow... My left hip on the outer aspect feels really weird. I must have pulled something"

MRI   arthogram shows:

Labral hip tear on the left.



Melissa said...

Ohhhh, it must be one of those beautiful barns full of nothing but kittens and doves. Congrats on reaching the end of your down time. It'll be interesting to see how working with a trainer helps keep away those super nasty & frustrating injuries.

Marit C-L said...

YEA!!! I'm so excited for you... break out the bubbly! :) You and me...similar boat, different issues, but same story. Hang in there - this will be great and I KNOW how happy you'll be :)

Ron said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and found my most favorite thing in the world. I am a PT and triathlete and I love fixing these types of problems. You are definitely experiencing a "kinetic chain" issue from foot to lumbar spine. The mechanics you use for running most likely cause this. If I can be of any assistance I am more than happy to help.

GoBigGreen said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Be patient E...i know how frustrating it is and i know how patient you have been, stay the course and take every little step as a gain!!
Woohoo! I am sending good balanced vibes ( as opposed to imbalanced

kerrie said...

i sooooo hope you are done with that crap and and your way to a solid strength building/injury free season. you deserve it!

Rebecca DeWire said...

You have totally had more than your fair share of injuries. I hope that once this most recent injury is behind you, you never get injured again. Working with a trainer to get strong sounds like a good idea.