Sunday, April 4, 2010

Summer in New England, IT'S HERE!

Happy Sprummer
(Spring and Summer all mooshed together if you didn't get that)

Let me just causally  mention how my teeth will soon be nothing but stubs from all gnashing  of them fueled by my pure and simple frustration of all the great cycling and running  in this amazing weather I'M MISSING.
Either my patience is being tested to the sheer limit and/ or I've done something evil enough
to warrant such punishment

Look at this damn thermometer IN THE SHADE.

As to not sound like a Wendy Whiner this entire post, I did get to spend some quality time
up in southern Maine on the coast relaxing and enjoying some Easter traditions (pounding
jelly beans and chocolate eggs) that normally I would have missed so I'm grateful for that!

My sister the floral designer aka Martha Stewart's (evil) twin, made us put our creations
in the wheat grass she grew. "It's A Good Thing!"

Cigar? Cigarette? Easter egg anyone?


Lucho said...

Love the ears. Almost 90 degrees!?!? Yikes. Happy Easter!

GoBigGreen said...

OMG too much fun! I love Easter's when its not raining or snowing. And just put a fuzzy tail on and grab the martini tray ...SIZZLE...:) Hope the healing is ongoing!!!
PS blog is up, you are warned its long!

Sue said...

thks for the spring:) It was brrrr cold here yesterday!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Your sister is amazing. I was coloring eggs w/ the kids and was trying to mix it up and now I see your sis (or you) used smart!
And, I can not believe it was nearly 90F...I guess it was 84F here one day last week, so that came you way!

Soon, E.....soon!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Those are beautiful looking Easter eggs and they look even more amazing in the wheat grass!