Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking for a Distance Swim Set?

One of my lane mates is preparing for one of those Iron man thingys in the land of Apfelstrudel , Arnie
 Schwarzenegger's birth place and (who knew?) Red Bull's headquarters.

Anywhoo,  Kim is  one of my Team Psycho teammates. Not to be confused with my Team Trakkers 
Green Machine teammates.  Lately Kim has been like the first grade teachers pet. You know,
 Mr. Do-gooder. I haven't really asked but lets assume he wants to nail that 2.4 mile swim without sucking the ever living life out of him before venturing out for a little 112 mile bike ride. Is that right Kim?
Here's the proof:

*Comes to practice early.
*Throws down some core work poolside (extra credit)
*Jumps in for a pre-warm up of at least  600 B4 Coach Bill arrives to give 
us the real warm up set. (more extra credit)
*Never complains ( I make up for that)
*Stays to finish the set no matter the time  (total geek)

  I decided one day for reasons still unclear  to me; I'm jumping on the Kim train. 
Minus the core work and no complaining. 

I'm not sure how long this will actually last, but for now, it gives me somethin'
to do snapping me out of *swim auto pilot*

Today I wasn't in the mood and already told myself before masters, "you can get out
early today" because.... your toe nail polish is chipped? I needed the extra time to shave my legs and deep condition my hair in the shower?  Good enough. But I was good and stayed until practice time ran out.

Here's the set (in honor of Kim of course) The times are appropriate for a 1:20 base swimmer. Adjust accordingly!

600  pre (extra points) warm up
200- 50drill / 50 swim
150- focus on front quad
100 swim/stroke
100 build
100 IM butterfly,back,breast, free
12 x 25 kick 25/35

Main Set 
2 x 500  First 500 on 1:30 pace/7:30
Second  500 on 1:20 pace/ 6:40 (follow this pattern) 
100 on 2:15
2 x 400 1:30 pace 6:00/1:20 pace 5:20
100 on 2:15

2 x 300 1:25/1:25  4:15
100 on 2:15
                          2 x 200 1:30 pace 3:00/1:20 pace 2:40 
100 on 2:15 

2 x 100 1:15/1:20  (ouch)
          100 2:15              

Total Kim-Teachers Pet set: 4750 

 TGP's-  got out when practice ended: 4050


Melissa said...

Ohhh, that is a great swim set, and tough!

Um, it really grosses me out to see people doing core work on the pool deck, it's icky and full of feet-germy-standing water. But good for Kim to be so dedicated ;-) Chipped toe nail polish can actually slow you down, the uneven lines cause extra drag in the water so it's important to prevent any emergencies when chipping occurs.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was sooo close to visiting the MIT pool when I was there last summer for work, I even had the train schedule figured all out. But then I decided to go out the night before so I slept in. I heard it's a really nice, totally jealous. They have yoga mats on the pool deck that get rinsed off? That IS posh!

Were you asking about the swimming profile pic? That's from a 10k swim race I did just north of Boulder. Each swimmer had to have a kayaker with them for support, so Michael took it from his kayak. The weather was so weird that day.

King Soopers is a grocery store around here. The name sounds like something much cooler than a grocery.

Your profile pic is awesome, it makes me feel like you are about to run me over in a race, a great action shot on the bike!

Anonymous said...

T girl Pink: I noticed the toe nail today and started thinking that you weren't taking care of yourself...

The set was awesome.... And Kim B is a great teacher's pet... and what you missed is all his positive comments sent to the coach! Whatever you say, he's a man on a mission! Don't F with him.

Stinging_bee said...

Also: Kim has started buying coach bill breakfast everyday at Anna's... A 4 buck breakfast burrito goes a long way...!

Mer! said...

your toe nail polish is chipped? I needed the extra time to shave my legs and deep condition my hair in the shower? Good enough. But I was good and stayed until practice time ran out.

*I could've written that myself*

I make "deals" with myself all the time.

What an awesome workout..i'll try it someday when my toenail polish dries =0

JB said...

Ahem. Cough.