Monday, March 8, 2010

Idle hands..... feet and legs

I thought I might jump out of my  own skin this weekend not being able to get on my bike or even go for a walk in the bright  warm sunshine. It was TOUGH.   Forced triathlon detox???? Ummm. Yes

I knew I was doomed when some of my non triathlon related plans fell though this weekend that held  promise in keeping me well distracted. Then, when I heard the weather forecasted for dry, sunny and 60 degrees for both days, I knew I was in deep poopy.  

"Get creative, you'll be fine!" I told myself.

 First, I played with my blog freshening it up a bit and added a new font. Don't even ask... I couldn't tell you now  how I managed to do this even following a tutorial but it worked on the very first try following many many steps. Purely a stroke of luck it worked. Ha!
So here's what else I did while it seemed  the universe of triathletes were outside on two wheels:

lets see... I made some peanut butter cookies

while simultaneously starting a food diary so I could track how many cookies
I shoveled in while having the consequences of accounting  for my bad behavior. Writing things down gives instant SELF CONTROL!!!

I organized my winter clothes closet as you can see here. Look how OCD-like the colors are all sorted!

and detailed my car, Inside

and out. You could eat lunch off the floor mats. :-)

Happy Spring cleaning!


Unknown said...

Love the new font! If you need something to do, feel free to come detail my car and my closet!

Rebecca DeWire said...

You have amazing self-control! I know how it feels to feel stuck in the house not able to train and it is rough.

D said...

I am officially inspired to make my Golf pretty again. Gotta love clean VW's!

Marit C-L said...

Oh my gosh - it looks AWESOME!!! I love it!! Totally dig the 'move over m dot!' YES! Fabulous pic at the top - you'll be back at it in no time. Just hang tough... I know being injured is awful....sending you great vibes! So are the house monsters!!

kerrie said...

wow - blog looks good - especially the awesome pic.! Now i think you need to come to my house, just so you don't get too bored. i can find a thing or two to keep you busy. of course i'm just thinking of you!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I loved (hated) your text this weekend and when I told you to go out in your bikini and you did not reply, I knew things were bad. LOL.
LOVE the clean car and clean closet...UGH, hang in there, E.

GoBigGreen said...

LOVE the new layout E! I am rooting for you and taking my Vit D3 with a vengenace. HEAL BONE HEAL!!!
You totally need to come to my house and clean for me, my car is a train wreck. Seriously I think the detailing people would laugh me off the lot.

jessithompson said...

Blog looks great!