Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There Is ALWAYS A Silver ehhh... Pink Lining

Ok,  I found it  a little disappointing that some of you didn't make a stab at my MRI image.
Maybe you just looked at that sucker and TOOK OFF thinking.... BAAAAD KARMA OVER HERE...
gotta run!

I totally understand.

So are you ready for my  diagnosis?

Compression stress fracture to the neck of my left femur.  Lets get right to the PINK lining.
1.  I am sooooooo sooooo soooo lucky this was a Compression stress fracture and not a Tension
stress fracture.
2.  I'm also very fortunate that I have no discomfort (anymore) while walking or I would have been
subjected to 6 WEEKS OF CRUTCHES then another 6 weeks of praying it heals so you can even think about running.  Reading that makes my skin crawl.  6 weeks of NEVER
letting your foot touch the ground (EVER) in order for it to heal.
Lucky me?  You bet.

Doesn't take away the HUGE disappointment for me in starting the year off EXACTLY the way I did last year-  stress fractured and laid up for 8-12 weeks watching all my base training swirl down the toilet.

So now we investigate since this raises a RED FLAG (or two).  Blood work for a vitamin D deficiency. BTW: This is WIDE SPREAD. I had no idea. You can have loads of calcium in your diet but if you don't have enough D to absorb it,  this can be a big problem.
 So  for your viewing pleasure: I  gave a little blood today... but wait! This one doesn't show  any blood!!!


Also  I am having a bone density test next week. 

I can't bike
I can't go to Yoooooga
I can't run (Duh)
I can't water run (booooo)

I can only swim (sigh)

for now

and now doesn't last forever.


Pedergraham said...

OH no, I know someone that had that other kind. She missed Kona and about 6 months of training while it healed. I'm glad yours is the "better" kind, and I hope you get to the cause of the problem. In the meantime, take care of yourself, and get some anti-chlorine soap and shampoo, huh?

goSonja said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be. I'm sincerely hoping your recovery goes flawlessly. I have no doubt that you will yet again use this as an opportunity to swim like a fish.

Sue said...

Ok, i know the best way to make this all better:) I need your address please, you can email it to me:) It will only put smiles on your face, and no stress on your bones!!!

Shelley said...

Hugs your way pinky!!! I'm sorry to read this, I know you will get this all figured out and be back fitter than ever..heck now you can focus a lot on swimming at least..:-)

Jennifer Harrison said...

ARGHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. About those needles.
Vitamin D! yes, that is the RAGE now about how low everyone is. Can't imagine why since we go WEEKS and months w/o sun and IF we have sun we are all bundled up. I do supplement with VIT D...so I am glad you got the blood work moving. Let's hope there are some definitive answers! xo

GoBigGreen said...

Oh so glad you are getting on top of this. My MD has had me on D3 for over a year now and living where we do i am finally getting it...keep the faith!
Swimming is good!!! Yeah!

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about the stress fracture - not what you needed!

I just was told that my Vit D is also deficient. Supposed to be supplementing daily (2000 UI), and then another blood test in 3 months. Guess I didn't realize the implications, but now will be better about actually TAKING the supplements!

Big ugs your way.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am impressed that you are able to focus on silver linings with a diagnosis like that. That totally sucks!!! So sorry to hear that you are going through this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teammate! (though we have not formally met yet)So sorry to hear about your fracture. I have tons I can share with you about bone stuff-sadly from experience. If you would like to chat let me know, andree.miceli@bcbsga.com.
Keep the positive attitude-it helps

TriGirl Kate O said...

Oh, Elaine. I'm so sorry! I think being stuck just swimming means you need MORE SPLISHIES. Can't wait to see what cute things you come up with...

I hope you heal fast. Sending good vibes your way.

Carole Sharpless said...

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!!! We all love you. Keep your chin up and keep hanging touch!


jessithompson said...

I like your last line... well said. Get better soon.