Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Time to


Don't you agree??

Wanna hear what I'm planning?? Keeping reading......

In between stuffing my face with left over Christmas cookies and such,

January 1st, I'm doing an 11 mile run ( ok slog)
January 2nd I'm doing a pool swim but NOT JUST ANY POOL SWIM! NO SIRREE.

100 x 100

This is an event/organized swim that I am paying for because no way
in my sensible mind would I EVER do this on my own or even with a couple of
other unstable swimming latemate. The fact I had to PAY for this makes everything
justifiable. Besides the fact I will be consuming beer and nachos post swim with my friend/MIT lanemate Bob makes it all the more worth while. Yipppppeeeee!!!

I'm not done yet.

January 12th I start a 10 week spin class at The Training Room in Somerville MA. A sleek top of the line training facility in which the class will be instructed by Roz Puelo, a total kick ass cyclocross chicka and cycling guru. After the spin class we will also be doing a session of core strengthening.
I needed something different than the winter Computrainer classes I've been taking year after year and quite honestly, I'm looking forward to a fresh approach to getting my cycling mojo back in gear and NOT having to drag my bike around in the cold sometimes snowy conditions to set it up on a Computrainer. I have one at home and that's all I need. It's sitting there being VERY useful collecting dust at the moment.

What are YOU doing?????


Lucho said...

What are you going to be leaving on for the 100's?
I'll be hungover and sleeping in but I'll send out a good thought for you! :)

Trigirlpink said...

a controllable 1:40.
Hungover? I'm guessing you'll be out for an 18 miler to shake that hangover off. :-)

Mark said...

100X100? Yes, you have crossed the proverbial line of sanity into some other realm of consciousness that only mad hatters know. Still, awesome! Please let us know how you fare. Of course you are paying for it. I mean, what else would convince you to go out there and do this? As someone joining the IM community this summer, I can tell you that the cost of racing, or participating in some sick swim workout, should ensure that we all go out there and train our tails off.

Happy Training!


Lucho said...

Leaving on the 1:40!? I bow down to you! Can't wait to see how it goes!

Unknown said...

Wow you are getting off to a great start for 2010....that 100x100 is nuts, many people talking about or have done this....hmmmm I wonder if I can??

AJ said...

Oh sweet!!! I was going to do it this year...I obviously completely (and rather conveniently) forgot about that little plan. ;)

How did it go??

Happy New Year and Decade! Glad to see it's starting so great. It's gonna be a kick ass rockin' year! Happy training!!!

BTW-my word verification is "ingingly"...LOVE IT!