Sunday, October 18, 2009

One more time!

It feels a bit bizarre that I'm still in full swing training swimming, biking and running. This is the first year I've ever stretched my season out so far for triathlon and this coming weekend will be my cap.
I've been racing for the last 5 weekends mixing it up with triathlon and road racing while trying to be SMART about resting as to absorb and bank some of the efforts put forth. Here's a recap:

Pumpkinman - I ran/stumbled through a 9:42 pace for a 2:07 1/2 marathon feeling way under trained for the distance but I had to start somewhere.

Lobsterman- I was hoping the shorter 10k distance would feel better but... ah.. no. 55:27 10k
(8:55 pace) Can I blame it on the really windy bike?

Eliot 5K - Short and sweeet but still feeling sluggish. 24:49 (8:00 pace)

Harvard MA 10 miler Road Race Ok, this one i felt pretty good because I played my cards SMART and didn't go out too hard on this very hilly course. 1:29 (8:55 pace)

Tufts 1OK for Women - "Control the heart rate and negative split the run" was my completed goal 51:20 (8:16 pace)
Next up
Longhorn 70.3

Who wants to take a stab at what pace I should be able to hold for this weekend's 13.1 based on those STELLAR times above. HA!

My running is coming along but it's progressing at a snails pace. I'm missing the bottom of the all important pyramid: A solid base. My head thinks I can spit out 7:00 miles but my legs and my head are not in sync. I've at least made one major milestone
which is, I've finally rid the feeling of dragging a bus behind me on every run. Now that is progress!!

Tufts 10k For Women

This week I'll be enjoying some rest and getting ready to pack up for Austin Texas! I've never been to Tx so looking forward to the trip.
Stay tuned for a red carpet preview of another custom Splish suit for my last race of TGP's wild and wacky 2009 season.


Courtenay said...

nice sneakers!! what do you think of them?
i have some custom k-swiss casuals arriving on wednesday (i was bored), i cant wait.
have fun at longhorn!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey TGP! Crack me up. Have a great race in Texas! LOVE the pink look so cute!

Mary Eggers said...

Sister you will be in Austin, it won't matter what time you run becasue Austin is one giant freaking party. Kiss Elvis on the run girl!

BreeWee said...

WHOA you look hot, no bus behind you in that 10k foto!!!! Okay, I hear ya.... body one place head the other... I am putting my guess at sub 8's... it's in's just a matter of gettin out. WAY to stick out a long season full of NOT SO FUN INJURY....

OKAY, even more fun... I got my mail today and there was the GREATEST undies EVER in the package, thank you so oooooooo much! THEY even fit! ha ha... I am going camping Wednesday and you better believe they will be on my bum for the best ever camp trip, ah ah ha ha ahah!! Thank you a million!

Shelley said...

Cool, can't wait to hear how you liked Austin, I loved it when I was there.

GetBackJoJo said...

Oh! Have fun in Austin! Can't wait to see the suit.You are my triathlon fashion idol!
You are going to have a great race--with a strong run and no buses behind you.