Monday, July 6, 2009

KickAss Cupcake Heaven And Other Junk

How is it that it's July 2009 and we've barely seen the sun here? I'd love to know where summer is hiding. This is getting ridiculous. I've yet to dig into any of my summer clothes and it's July 8th.

Thank you Thank you for all of your nice messages. My biopsy results came back and at first (if you can believe this) it looked like I was going back in for some more slicin' and dicin'. Fortunately for me, the report was misread by my primary care physician with the initial results given to me through her understanding of it.
Can you imagine how I felt when I got a phone call directly from my surgeon last night who explained the pathology report in a totally different light? No further treatment needed at this time. I almost peed myself (for the second time in one day)

Screw the weather, I just won the life lottery and couldn't be more grateful.

As promised, here's my cupcake report: I finally got myself over to Kickass Cupcakes in Davis Square, Somerville, MA to visit Sara Ross and her wicked awesome to-die-for cupcake bakery. Lucky for me, Sara is sponsoring me as an athlete this season and I am most honored to be sporting a fun cupcake or 2 on my racing attire as well as an occasional mitt of cupcakes to
consume for my sugar well being that needs constant nurturing dont cha know. :-) Ok, so Kerrie's got the healthy granola thing goin' on over there in Boulder, I got CUPCAKES! HA!

I briefly caught Sara as she was on her way out to do one last delivery of the day in her Mini Cooper loaded with, you guessed it, boxes of her signature cupcakes. After a quick chat, I was quickly surrounded by the overwhelming pleasure of cupcakes displayed in many different flavors as seen here. Good thing there is a partition of glass between the cupcakes and my fingers or things could have gotten ugly.

Yes, they even make Cheesy Catnip Kittycakes cutely advertised here by my tuxedo feline

This would be very friendly and helpful, cupcake masters Marybeth,Kevin and Jason
Carob Peanut Butter Pupcakes Bow WOW!

Fenway Park inspired treats

They even have a Dairy bar with Farm fresh milk in glass bottles and heavy cream pre-packaged ice cream from local farms. Yum.

Kevin forced me (ha ha) to carry out a cupcake in hand to enjoy on my journey home!

So, if you are local (Boston) and need to answer your cupcake cravings, or you want to send someone a treat from the bakery in or around Boston, here's the place to do it:
Kickass Cupcakes
378 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02144


GZ said...

No further treatment needed at this time.

Best thing I have heard all week.

Wess said...

Excellent news TGP! Glad to read it!
(side bar - maybe you need a new PCP after that "little" mishap)

Mmmmm, cup cakes (in my best Homer Simpson voice) - I'll venture in next time in the area and let them know it was TGP that led me there.

Again, happy for the news!

Sara Ross said...

Yay! Glad to hear your good news!!!
Thanks for all your cupcake blogging...we look forward to being your official sponsor of Kickass Cupcakes!

TriGirl Kate O said...

So glad about that news. Whew! I need a cupcake sponsor...

Mel said...

OH my you are oNE lucky girl...I would so rather have the "cupcakes" over the healthy "bird feed" your splish suit makes it!! I wish I was good so I could be a cupcake girl ;)..

On a serious note...I am so HAPPY your results came back and you are A-OK =)

I still think you need to post your photo of skully pants!!!

kerrie said...

YAY YAY YAY - that is great news!!
and YAY for cupcakes - i'll trade you some granola for some cupcakes? not fair at all ;(

i think good things are finally coming your way, and it's about time!!! you really deserve it:)

AJ said...

SUPER news!!!

The rest of the post is (deliciously) evil!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OK, this is awesome! A cupcake sponsor - you are a GENUIS! They look soo yummy - and the PB one!!!? Lovely!

Again, happy for the good news too!!! :))

COME on sunshine - we are having a shitty summer here too - NOT as bad as you guys (and MAINE!) but blah!! Jerome and I are off to Tucson for some heat soon!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear the good news!

My apartment also almost made a guest appearance in that that last pic. Too funny.

You have to try their mojito cupcake. Soaked in rum = amazing.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Sister Lainer

Yum!!!! Pull some strings and have those yummy treats delivered in Maine STAT!!!!!

Pedergraham said...

YUMMY! And I am so glad that your biopsy came out okay. Now all we need is some sun here in New England!

Anonymous said...

"Screw the weather, I just won the life lottery and couldn't be more grateful."

the life lottery! love it great news on the win! :)

"I almost peed myself (for the second time in one day)"

At least you can be sure that you are well hydrated :)