Saturday, January 24, 2009

MAF running update

February 9th will mark the 3 month *TGP Sticks With The MAF Running Plan*

Here's some interesting observations I will share:

Although I've been frustrated at times with the concept of shuffling for 3 months, I'm thrilled I stuck with the plan as I've finally noticed the payoff of my disapline and patience.

1. Like clockwork, my body can easily rack on 7-10 pounds of extra weight from October into early spring. It's just a fact of life here in New England in the dead of winter that I've just come to understand for myself anyway. I am lucky in a sense that because I'm tall, I can usually hide this extra ass dragging poundage. On the contrary, I feel it when I run and worse, see it when I try to wear particular jeans or clothing I would never consider pulling over my hips in winter.
This year, not so much.
I am just about race weight right now and I've really done nothing in terms of my
eating habits. What I perceive to be happening, is my body has adapted to burning
my calorie intake more efficiently. By keeping my heart rate low, it has put me in a more efficient fat burning zone to be more specific.
I'll take it.

2. My body is able to handle 4 solid runs a week consistently with plenty of time and energy to devote to the other 2 disciplines plus 2-3 days of functional core training. I'm hoping to advance to 5 runs a week starting in February.

3. I can accomplish a long run (as today) 1:46 and not feel like a waste product for the rest of the day and even get in another workout of some kind if i feel inclined to do so.

4. My long run pace has dropped one minute entirely per mile since I started this type of running back in November. This is easy to track by just looking at my Training Peaks data upload and compare a few numbers and specific dates. Even though your heart rate can be affected by sickness, dehydration, lack of sleep or over training, I've tried to be cognizant as to not attempting a long run without being rested, hydrated, and feeling somewhat motivated to get myself out into the cold to do it.

5. Back in November, I would have to walk hills in order to keep my HR at it's required 140 bpm where as now, there is none of that. Also, I am able to run longer now at the faster pace.

Does anyone have Phil's address? I wanna bake him some low glycemic cookies and
drop them off with another success story.

Happy training!


kerrie said...

I am so impressed with your dedication and that you improved so much! a minute is huge!!!!!
you will see this pay off big when race season comes around....

GZ said...

So - you have really kept MAF-like on all the runs (and rides)?


BreeWee said...

Whoa, I am impressed too. Already back at your goal race weight, sheeeeeesh! Stud, give me the secrets for the off-season booty boost!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Wow! A minute is a lot of time to take off! I might need to look into this...congratulations.

GoBigGreen said...

Elaine, that is great! you are a good role model for patience and risk...hope it warms up least the roads are more clear arent they?:)

Marit C-L said...

Great job on the improvements! That's fantastic! Yeah - I hate holding my hr down, and I've walked more than one hill around here... BUT - long term it works! Keep up the great work and stay warm!

Eileen Swanson said...

Wow, this is awesome Elaine!! Great stuff! I am excited for you to start off the season and kick bootie ;-)

AJ said...

you've got some SERIOUS patience!

Jacqueline Mariash said...

Shoot! I can totally relate to #1