Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Stuff

I'm in a fog today. Is it really Monday already? Yikes. The weekend was a whirlwind. After much thought, we decided to pack up the car and head to Scranton PA from here in MA for Margaret's Wake and Funeral on Friday and Saturday. A memorial service is planned for her November 23rd here in Boston as well and we contemplated attending just the memorial but my gut feeling was to go to PA and honestly, I really wanted to be there. This was not a matter of what was going to be more convenient. It was the right thing to do and I'm so glad to have gotten to meet her brother, her dad and her mom. It was a very tough weekend for all but also very apparent that her family was ever so grateful for all of the support surrounding them.

In other news, I've missed 2 weekends of cyclocross racing due to more important life obligations so I'm feeling out of the loop but trying to maintain some sort of fitness both on the trainer and getting outside when possible. I've started running again after a long hiatus. My goal this fall is to completely heal all nagging injuries and it's been a slow process.
Also I've decided to go the controversial MAF route in building up a solid base. My biggest mistake last season was jumping back into running way too quickly and intensely last January and I paid dearly for it by missing my Ironman and insisting on dragging myself through a season plagued with nagging injuries. Time for a fresh start with some new ideas.
So as a very disciplined individual, if I'm supposed to run uphills, downhills, in the dark, rain or snow with a heart rate of 140, damn it,I'm gonna do it. Special thanks to Kerrie for helping me get started with this endeavor.

Keep up the great work on the 5-O-day challenge all who are participating!!


Mary Eggers said...

My thoughts continue to be with you and yours.....

And kudos on you for the MAF and a smart way to begin again!

BreeWee said...

I will be thinking about you too as you are still probably having your head on other things...

All the best to you and hope you get back on that cyclo bike soon!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Going to the funeral was the right thing to do, for you and for Margaret's family.

Here's to an injury-free 2009!