Sunday, October 26, 2008

MRC Wrentham MA Cyclocross!!

Race #2 for TGP in the wacky world of cyclocross is in the books. I get a D- for my race results this week but an A+ for my kit; don't you think??? It's the skully tights that made the grade and we all know if you suck, you can at least look good. I got blown away by a bunch of girls who know how to turn their bike zippy fast through tight turns and ride a power course in the big ring.

This weekend I captured a few fellow blog mates racing and here's the proof! Cort, Gary and Brad were in the men's 1,2,3 race while the Women's Cat 1,2,3 race featured Cathy. I did my very best in getting right in her face with quality cheering to keep her mooooovin' on the back side of the course where no one was spectating.

Bad Brad

Gary- swims with his sneakers- David

Cort-will race for beer-Cramer

Cathy can't call me a sandbagger-Rowell

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And just for kicks, let's not forget my newest TP team mate to join the cross circut along with Jay, Peter and I this week. Double D (Dave Dornus). Dave grabbed a borrowed bike and jumped in the Men's 3,4 35+ race having never done a cross race before as showcased in this photo of him looking like he is going to hurl the bike instead of carry it over the barrier. A simple fix for this Race Across America (team of 4) second place cyclist.


kerrie said...

yes you do look great- at least you have your priorities straight - where can i find tights like that???

and i can hardly wait to see pictures of you racing when it snows and it is all muddy ;P - isn't that really what cyclocross is all about??

Cathy said...

Nice pics! And thanks again for the awesome cheering.

We're doing a 'cross practice Weds evening - wanna come?

TriGirl Kate O said...

It's all about who looks the best out there, so you win hands down!

Mel said...

YES I want those TIGHTS.....How fun that type of racing looks..I have always liked challenging obstacle set ups...kind of like field day:) I am sure you are the HOT chick out there!!!!

Bad Brad said...

I look like I'm out there by myself! oh wait...

Scott Sweeney said...

If your TP team mate is like every other tri-guy on the 'cross course, it won't take but a few races to figure out the dismount-remount thing....then it'll be one more person to kick my ass in the 35+ circuit....greeeeeeeeeeat!

See you guys this week at Noho?

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am SO glad you are having some fun - CX is the bomb...and you look good - what else do you want, right? :) JenH.

CCC said...

Sweet pics. Wed night - Allston - CX practice - BE THERE! ...and leave the skully tights at home ;)