Thursday, September 25, 2008


Margaret is still at Duke fighting the fight. She had unexpected emergency surgery on Tuesday for what they thought was a perforated intestine. It was septic. She had a choice. Do nothing and die in 2 days or have the surgery. The surgery would be very risky as well based on her immune system down and blood counts extremely low. We were all sitting on the edges of our seats over the last couple of days.

She risked having the surgery (who wouldn't) and has rallied back AGAIN!!!She continues to amaze and impress her team of neuro oncologists ( and me too!).

Today she is beat up after having 2 rounds of surgery but today her BP and breathing are really good! She is alert and responsive. Talk about a fighter..

HERE is a link to Duke UNIVERSITY Medical (she's not at the Regional hospital) Room #4207 NERVEGNA is her last name
Anyone who wants to send an e-card, It gets printed and brought to her room. My goal is to have as many as possible sent to PLASTER THE WALLS!!
I'll be working on the WHO NEEDS CANDY...NOT ME...I think :-O spread sheet soon!
This candy thing is gonna be TOUGH! I was barely in the grocery store door yesterday and WHAM!
Stacks and stacks of mmmmm.mmmm goooooood candy and it's not even October yet.
Oh Boy... What have I done? hee hee


GoBigGreen said...

TGP: I have been thinking about your friend Margaret so thanks for updating us. Good luck with your Cross season, it is just getting going here in MN. Lotsa fasties up here!
Also, please send all your rejected twizzlers, hot tamales and any other sugary candy to me. You can keep the chocolatey stuff, yep I am one of those strange-os that can do without the M and M's.
JenH just fell off her chair.
Good vibes are heading to Duke from MN!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Hi there,
I have been enjoying your blog for a couple months and have thought about your friend. I actually have worked at Duke for the past 5 years, so even though I am a stranger I have felt connected to her. Thanks for posting the link for the card. I sent her one.

BreeWee said...

Thanks for the Margaret update! What a trooper, GO MARGARET!

Okay candy girl... just say no! Good luck!

Michelle Simmons said...

Thanks for the update on Margaret. I don't know her (or you!) but I always feel a sense of connection to any other cancer patient. (I'm a Hodgkin's survivor 9 years now.) I just sent her a little note of encouragement.

Mel said...

Margaret is staying tough and is in my thoughts a lot:)


Anonymous said...

I sent Margaret a card - least I can do. GLAD she is ok....
Ok, this candy thing - I GOT IT NAILED. NO problems here (so far!)....I need to update Excel though! :) Jen H.

Amanda Lovato said...

You are an amazing friend. Thanks for the updates:).

Anne and Leigh said...

I dont know you or her, but I do read your blog. I sent her a message. Thanks for the update.