Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid Summer Ramdom Haze

Greetings fellow blog mates and lurkers!
Thank you for your private emails , cards in the mail, and blog messages about my Gram. Very thoughtful and much appreciated.

FACTOID: It's mid July.
WHAT???? I HATE THAT. Why? Because August is right around the corner
and here in New England anyway, the days start to get shorter and we get less days of sticky, hot and humid summery days and well, it just starts to feel like early fall is starting to push in if ever so subtlety

PARTIAL FICTION: I'm signing up for LP for sure come Monday morning.(This changes hourly mind you) I want to endure another season of IM training and suffering which tends to injure the crap out of me
before I can toe the damn line.

Bree Wee gets the credit on this one but you know how you just randomly check out other people's blog favorites and you find a cool one?
I'm thinkin' this must be some chick that models in Hawaii and eats raw meat. LOL.
Wrong-o. Anthony is a successful model based in Manhattan and is a hard core raw foods eater. Lets just say Cheez-Its or Diet Coke don't have a fighting chance in his shopping cart. His blog is quite interesting. It motivates me to take teeny tiny steps and eliminate needless crap in my diet in hopes it gives me more energy for workouts and just daily life.
Ok!... I admit it!!!! Anthony is a bit of eye candy too so it will be fun to see what new ad campaigns and tear sheets he's aquired.... like this one...

Have a great weekend and best to all who are racing.


Mel said...

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm :)

rr said...

Mmmmmmm is right. Yum.

I'm so, so sorry to hear about the passing of your Gran.


Anonymous said...


kerrie said...

i think i may have a new boyfriend...however i may have to rough him up a bit first!!
so what's up next for you??

BreeWee said...

ha ha ha, hilarious! Anthony is so "Earthy" huh? You gotta try his avocado key lime pie, OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Love the new watermelon photos... yummy!

GCDavid said...

He's soo cute!

Did you sign up for IMLP?

Anonymous said...

Nice melons!

AJ said...

I've found my way back to your blog. Blogland is a funny place! So funny I met you this morning. When I came across this quite a while ago I remember reading that you swam at MIT and something else made me think that it might be you at that locker. I've been getting in there late for months so haven't seen you and I forgot all about it. It clicked this morning after you approached me. I'm in quite a fuzzy place before 9 am if I seemed out of it. :)

But anyway, glad to hear your hip's better and was nice to meet you. If I don't see you again...good luck at Timberman!