Sunday, June 8, 2008


This picture says....
A. Boy, this frosty brew disguised in this water bottle sure is tasty!
B.Q.Why is my face so red? A. Because I RAN AS HARD AS JEN TOLD ME TO.
C.I think I need to go sit down over there.
D. All of the above.

Who has time to read blogs?? Everyone is busy! Racing, training or just being outside!!!

I've been holding my cards rather tight to my chest lately. I developed yet another
injury right after Disney and frankly, I just didn't want to mention it hoping it would
just go away. No such luck!!!!! Ok, so THREE's A CHARM, RIGHT????? NO MORE INJURIES FOR ME PLEEEEEASE!!!!!! I was very aggressive with this third injury since February, trying
to nip this one but alas, it still here,2 weeks later. The Joy!!

Good old Plantar Fasciitis. Have you had it? You don't want it. This is my second bout with it. I got it in '97 as a runner, so I knew exactly what it was from the onset.
Night splint, icing, massage, stretching, orthotics, no bare feet. I guess it will go away when it's damn good and ready.
I for one, shall not wait. Another set of season goals are in place and I'm sticking
with the plan. I will be smart but I will manage this and not just sit on my ass watching the season go on without me.
First up:
Mooseman International Distance Triathlon

Headed up to New Hampshire for this great Endorfuns event on Friday. Keith Jordan does not disappoint. This race is run just like Timberman, in August. Just a top notch race venue. Every year Keith and his staff think up new ways to improve the whole race experience and it's just awesome.
On Saturday, they have an International Distance race and on Sunday, the 1/2 iron race.
Coming off of Disney, I chose the shorter distance to participate in.
I wasn't quite sure how my foot would hold up but I got a plan in place to try
and race.
First up: Taping my foot. Thanks to Kerrie for reminding me about this little trick.
If you tape your arch properly, it protects the fascia so I started to do this last week on days I felt I would be on my feet for long periods of time or when I would run.How to make it to T2 with my foot taped proved to be a challenge. I decided to duct
tape my foot to try to get through the swim with the tape (hoping) still attached so I would protect it running to T1 or when I had to be barefoot and to do the 10k run.
Houston.. we have a problem. I didn't even get to the second turn buoy and it was
falling off in the water.
I just stuck with the plan and continued on with the day, tape or no tape.
I had a great bike. I took some risks and hammered as hard as I could for the 28 mile hilly course, no one passed me on the bike and I wasn't sure how many made it out of the water before me.
I was in wave 7. The last wave of the day. All women 40+. I haven't actually been
in a (last) wave before and I didn't really much care. I can and will maneuver just
fine around others in the water, I like to slingshot my way though people on the bike, and lastly, it's fun pickin' 'em off on the run.
Our swim was shortened after an hour delay waiting for fog to lift and the water temp. was about 57. No problem. I didn't even notice the water temperature, I was
just focused on a good clean start and getting out front and swimming hard like a
sprint now that it was shortened.
After the bike in T2. I had a senior moment or rather a few moments. I could not find
the rack I was on to rack my bike. What a dumbass. I can't even explain it. I was
just wandering until a spectator at the fencing finally helped me. My T2 time was a cluster F . I'm still shaking my head.
The run was quick compared to Disney! 6.2 miles feels like a walk in the park! It's a
hilly run and the heat had arrived. I didn't notice the heat because I already
paid my heat dues down in Florida on my 13.1 death march.
I was running scared though. I was afraid I would be picked off by women behind me
racking their bikes, so I ran like a muther f-er scared.. scared.. scared....
I ran dancing on that very fine line of blowing up, but I held it together with my non taped foot and I know I ran my hardest because I had to LURCH OVER at the finish
line holding my knee caps while they shook like I just finished my last of 6 mile repeats on the track at LT. OUCH!
1st in age group 45-49 Where the heck did 35-39 go? Someone PLEASE TELL ME!!
I hate this!!! I never got used to 40-44 and now this??
14:44 (shortened swim) 1:17 bike 28 miles (21mph) 45:11 10k (7:17pace) run,JEN..we gotta work on this run thang......

2:22 11th female

I almost forgot!!! I got to meet Danielle and her awesome husband Andrew!!! What a TREAT! Thanks for CHEERING D! XXXXOOOOO


kerrie said...

nice! you are looking hot in those pics!!! there are some pretty pastey looking guys in the background, lol. i would call that a solid race ;). i like the duct tape idea - is the taping helping at all?

rr said...

What injuries? You just kicked butt in spite of all that.. congratulations!

Hope you heal up fast.

Anonymous said...

Well done speedy!!!! I am with Kerrie...look how hot you are in that suit! Oh what I would give to have nice long legs...maybe that would help my sssslllloooowwww running?!

Great job!

CCC said...

Congrats!!! We need to catch up sometime soon.

Kellye Mills said...

Congratulations! And I hope your foot heals soon. Take care of it, which it sounds like you are, and you'll be fine before you know it!

Marit C-L said...

Nice Job! You look GREAT! Whata solid race - love the duct tape picture. THAT says it all. Hilarious recap and love the pictures that you posted today! Keep up the rock solid performances, my friend!

GetBackJoJo said...

Congrats on a great race! I was up doing the Sat. race too, so I read your report with great interest. Congrats on getting 1st AG and 2nd Master!
And your bike split was so fast... holy shit.
Sorry about the tape fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are my photo credits?!?! Great seeing you this weekend and getting to hang out with the Mooseman Paul!