Saturday, May 24, 2008

Closet Envy. Do you have it?

You should unless of course you can post pictures better than this.
Welcome to my closet. What's a triathlete supposed to do instead of a 7 hour brick that was planned but now cancelled due to pulling out of CdA? You organinzed a new season of racing, you scrub your house top to bottom, pay some bills, clean out the fridge just to name a few.
You stay productive and get sh*t done that never gets done.

You start by pulling all your winter crap out. Sort it, throw stuff away you never wear anymore and pack the rest up in sealed Rubbermaid containers to store in the attic. Then you haul all the summer stuff down from the attic in those Rubbermaid containers that have been sitting up there all winter and go through that and toss out all the crap you never wear and organize
it in your empty closet.

Ahhhhhh.. this purging session was therapeutic for sure.

Happy training. Stay safe.


Mel said...

You are BRAVE showing your closet...I will never go there..way too many clothes and not enough messy messy messy :) I will email you tomorrow sista :) Have a good night in your clean house :)

kerrie said...

yep, i totally have closet envy. my place is a freakin' mess and i don't know where anything is...i don't think that any of us even have clean clothes at this point. so happy that a rest week is on the horizon!!!!!!! soooooooo, what is next for you(besides coming to my house and doing my closet??)

Anonymous said...

I have two large walk in closets, three kids's closets, PLUS 4 bathrooms and a large kitchen that could really use some attention? Interested? I'm willing to pay top dollar! =)

Anonymous said...

Glad your closet is reaping the rewards of your REST!!!! Nice to see...glad you are getting some housework done! ;) Jen H.

Eileen Swanson said...

OH WOW, Reid would be so envious! He wants me to clean out my closet so bad! I have so much I should give to goodwill. And what do I do? I buy more stuff! HA! So glad you had a great therapeutic session today!


Cy said...

I've been working on my overstuffed closet this weekend too...I have 3 bags and 5 pairs of shoes ready for Goodwill. Very therapeutic.

Sorry to hear that you are unable to do IMCDA. Those are tough calls to make.

Have a great day!

Pedergraham said...

I am glad that you are getting some cleaning done. I NEED inspiration on the cleaning front! Am looking forward to hearing your new race plans and hope all is ok with your hip.

BreeWee said...

I totally need to do that... GREAT motivation for me!

BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh, I just read your comment on Rach's blog... I am so glad you are a major hand-soap freak too! Brooke makes so much fun of me because I have to rub it all over the shopping carts before I touch them! It freaks me out... I wanted to be a dental hygienist too (like you) but the I was failing the science... you have my old dream job!

Marit C-L said...

OMG - if my Other Half sees these pictures, he'll wondering what I've been doing all this time. Ha ha! I'm not doing/didn't do my IM, and my closet STILL looks as though it just threw up.

Wait - I take that back. Nate's clothes are all hanging up because all he wears are flight suits. Mine have left the closet and have been put through several wash cycles and are currently stacked (but not folded) on 1)Living room ugly chair and 2)bedroom ugly chair.

Nice job chicka! Now bust out the Peanut M&Ms and celebrate!

TriGirl Kate O said...

So sorry to hear about CdA. No fun making those kinds of decisions--I didn't race because of injury twice this year already. Here's to full recoveries and better races--clink!
I reorganized the MBR closet this year. Since my husband started running a mens wear company, his side of the closet is overtaking mine. Clothes-creep I call it. No fun when your husband has more clothes than you. I've got him beat hands down on the shoes though!