Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rome wasn't built in day

Fourth of July 2007

and that goes the same for my run speed. I'm always amazed at how good of shape people are in this early in the season especially triathletes in terms of running. I find it takes me months and months to get back into any state of physical and mental run preparedness. It's just a long gradual process for me that I notice it seems to takes much longer than others around me. I just don't snap back quite like other friends and team mates do. It probably doesn't help by taking September through December off from running completely and focusing on cyclocross. I basically feel REALLY out of run shape come January. This year I've started the process a bit earlier and put more focused efforts into my run workouts. My run times are far from stellar but my goal is to knock my average pace per mile down so my times seem more competitive paired with a 56 mile ride. Considering my hamstring issue (which is on the mend) I'm somewhat hopeful I can attain a good solid base of running and feel somewhat more confident about my running in general. It seems to be a limiter now that my cycling has improved a great deal.

Some numbers so far this year: slooowly coming down.

Jan/1 Marathon Sports Year News Day Run 11 miles 8:15 pace
Feb/2 Great Stew Chase 15k 8:08 pace
Feb/24 Hyannis 1/2 Marathon 13.1 7.56 pace
March 16 New Bedford 1/2 Marathon 13.1 7:48 pace

Today I wore my heart rate monitor for the first time during a race. I don't have zones figured out for my running (maybe that's 1/2 my problem!) but today, I averaged 180-182bpm which sort of scared me when I looked down at my watch thinking isn't this way too high? I felt in control though and I appeared to be a zone I was able to hold and didn't go over the cliff even through the last 3 miles.

If anyone has some tips on finding zones just for running, I'd love to hear how to figure that out. I've always just run fast or slow based on my own percieved effort.


kerrie said...

can you just check out how hot you look in that picture??? and please tell, what do you do to get abs like that(besides drink a lot of diet coke, lol)??
i feel the same way about my swimming except i never really hit any point in the season where i could ever describe myself as remotely fast!

Mel said...

Yeah, who cares about the times.....check out those abs and arms....Lady you need to give us strechy tummy mama's some pointers!!! What is your rockin hard body secrets??

BTW: are you running in a in the heck do you do that?? Cute though :)

Pedergraham said...

Well, I used my basic math skills and if you've dropped 30 seconds off your mile pace since the beginning of the year, then you should be running 7:15s at IMCDA!!! Yes, I like your outfit too! And the tummy--the secret is stuffed shells and brownies, girls!!! Lets get baking.

JB said...

Hmmm... I wonder who'd know about training zones.

Anonymous said...

Hey me if you want some tips....And, the girls are right, you look awesome! nice abs!

Jen H. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should give us all some tips on the abs! Is that do- able after three kids? (Four in Mel's case?)

BreeWee said...

WHOA! You lookin' smokin' in that photo! Nice abs chica! I have been so nuts busy that I barely have time to read my buddies posts but I had to get yours today and I am glad I did! Thanks for all your comments during my camp- you keep me so happy and refreshed!
Oh, I love Daniel's 7:15 theory by your IM. Pretty fast pace but for sure you will be getting there in a snap! Hit the tready for some PAIN pushers and it will instantly pick you up to the next level. It hurts but works... shoots, you can run in the gym in your sports bra and be the envy of all the women in the gym!

Eileen Swanson said...

Wow, you are a studette! Way to go! I am so happy that you are doing great! Awesome pic too ;-)