Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday, I was about to hop on my Computrainer in a room which faces toward the back of my house. Our property is partially wetlands and abuts conservation land as well. As a hobby, I enjoy feeding the birds year round. Occasionally we might see a deer or two but very rarely.
As I was about to get on the trainer, I happened to glance out back and here's what I saw.

After a quick count I tallied up approximately 30 deer. It's been a very snowy New England winter thus far and as the picture shows, the deer are hungry. I wanted to run out carrying my refrigerator crisper bin and dump it for them after watching a few of them try unsuccessfully to nibble from the 2 seed feeders I have hanging.
After a trip to Lowes later that day, I bought a huge bag of seed without the shells and dumped it in a bucket and brought it further out in the woods for them. We are expecting a few warm days ahead so hopefully the ground cover will reappear soon for them to find food.
What a rough life being a deer...

I hope everyone is excited for the upcoming season and starting off 2008 with some solid training!


Pedergraham said...

Wow! What a special treat.

Cathy said...

Just wait till they start eating all of your tulips, rhodedendruns, irises... They're not as cute then - trust me!

kerrie said...

what a fantastic view - i'm jealous!
no, i haven't tried cyclocross, i don't like being wet or cold, and that really deters me from trying it ;).

GCDavid said...

We would call that a "bait pile," usually accompanied by a 30-06 or some other kind of firearm. I guess we can go to Elaine for venison.

Make sure to perform deer tick checks!