Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Have Nothing To Blog

And I'm sure you are all tired of looking at my Splish suits so I think I'll just ramble on about nothing.

It's January and it's stacked up as the worst month of the year followed by February in my book. I'm pasty white and I want to sleep and eat macaronni and cheese and brownies.
So help me god.....If I see the Bill Clinton clip of him falling asleep at a MLK day speech one more time, I'm going to burst a vein. Good God people! Like you've NEVER dosed off in your life! I do practically once a week behind the wheel! (just kidding)

I have a big fat zero for a place nailed down to stay in Idaho for IM CDA and I don't care. If I have to sleep under a tarp with my bike holding it up, I will. I refuse to shell out $1200 that is NON-REFUNDABLE at a Holiday Inn in Coeur D'Alene and risk getting seriously injured and losing my race fee, my plane fare and my hotel.

My legs are still trashed from a long run I did on Sunday and I don't understand why. I've done the same run 3 weekends in a row and have only added on 1.2-2 miles each time. The last 2 long runs (before this weekend) I did not suffer from delayed onset muscle whatever you call it, I carried a water/poweraid mix and tried to keep hydrated until my water bottle froze,I ate within a 1/2 hour of finishing and stretched... why this week?

I tried out my friend pro triathlete Dede's Guru Chrono last week to possibly buy. To my surprise, it fit me well and it felt very close to my set up on my Elite T-Class but it's got lots of bells and whistles I don't need or care so much about and I would have to send the red frame back to get it painted pink because.. well I'm Trigirl Pink and a red bike with 808's swirlin' around with pink decals would just clash terribly. Brian at FastSplits is checking into a new Guru Chrono for me. Could someone have a little chat with Paul and ask him things like, "your not gonna make Elaine ride that 4 year old(almost 5) aluminum Elite T-Class training for IM CDA, are you? She really needs a carbon frame. It's time. Let her get one. She will be crippled riding that unforgiving rigid aluminum frame. Why do you want her to suffer like that?"
Feel free to use your own dialogue and creative hints.


kerrie said...

oh my, are you serious about not finding a place in CdA? Glenn is racing there and we haven't even started to look yet!!!!

Pedergraham said...

Yes, you need a nice new bike! In PINK. That way when you pass me on the bike course at Mooseman this year, I will see your long legs and pink bike and know it is YOU.

I don't mind if you don't update your blog oftem, as long as you keep the chocolate on the top of the page!!!

Trigirlpink said...

I tried the condo route months ago. All booked. I think I might be practical about this and go without my husband and stay with my friend Lisa as a last resort. She is from there but lives here in Boston and assures me I need not worry about where to stay. I'll know a hand full of people out there but I'll count on you for cheering support, ok? I'll be the tall Team Psycho girl yelling things like, "Remind me about how miserable I am right now before I sign up for another one of these things! :-)

CCC said...

Reality check:

You DO NOT need a new bike...your husband does!!!

TriCoachTre' said...

You NEED a Guru! Seriously, I had a custom Trilite ('03) which fit like a glove. The Guru folks engineer the stiffest bottom bracket in the industry so the bikes go like lightning. Post a pic if you purchase, please. Good luck training/racing!