Thursday, November 1, 2007

Official First One

This is my very first post! I've been playing around with the features,templates and such getting used to this blogger format. I'm not sure I'll be posting that much. First of all, I'm not a very articulate writer and I'm not sure many will be interested in what I'm actually posting for that matter.

Cross season is in full schwing! I've got 5 races under my ever expanding waistline. SuckerBrook, Bedford, Amesbury, Gloucester, and Canton. They've all been fun and each and every race I learn something new in this nutty sport. It's quite addictive and after every race, I'm looking to see when I can do another one to add to my connect-the-dots bruise fest my legs seem to be in. No one forewarned me of this continual format. I've met some really nice people this season being my second.

Last night Paul and I did our own Blairwitch Halloween ride in the trails in West Concord, MA. It was the first time I rode with a bike light in the dark. It was fun! I only crashed once on a stair run up. At least my knees are evenly bruised on both sides now so I'm balanced in the bruise department.

I'm trying to think of a good adjective to describe myself as a competitive age grouper in triathlon and a back of the pack, official course sweeper, scaredy cat cross racer.



CCC said...

Nice! Where in West Newton, and why was I not invited!?

CCC said...

BTW, dig the "duztri"...



"nolongerduztri" :)

JB said...

Pink all the way! I like it.