Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lower Hanging Fruit Got Shafted

Bizarre results from Lowell but I snagged a good photo from the day! :-)

Looking at the results from Sunday's race,I don't understand the process of how they decided to post them.

No times were posted for the women Cat 4 race and they didn't post the entire Cat 4 women's field placings. Frankly, I would have been happy to be left OFF the list then to be posted as last. I have nothing to compare last year with.

The men's Cat 4 race was a huge field, certainly more than the 26 they posted.

Why wouldn't they just post the top ten with times in each category, explain this at the top of the results and call it a day? My personal opinion is everyone paid the fee to race and should get results.

I guess I'm spoiled with the wearing of a small disk attached to a neoprene ankle wrap that gives me a plethora of information from triathlons

The fee's would increase but maybe not a bad idea for cyclocross especially if the fields keep growing. Ends the confusion of trying to manually and visually record data.

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CCC said...

I actually like that idea a lot. Good thinking, TGP!