Monday, October 10, 2011

Great BrewersGran Prix of Gloucester Cyclocross

Below are just a few of my favorite shots I captured at last week's 2 Day event in Gloucester MA. I spectated, volunteered and photographed on Saturday while jumping into Sunday's women's 3/4  to race.

 If you know anything about cyclocross and staging (how you start the race) my prize for signing up *day of* got me lined up in the very last row of 99 Cat 3/4 women with the ankle biting cub juniors right behind me. I am used to bringing up the rear in this particular sport, but managed to move myself up to 67 position by the bell lap and hung on for dear life. I'll take it. The shear fact of having other women to ride with and not tooling around the course like a time trial solo effort is huge and rather new for me.
Which brings me to another new observation:
How high I can actually get my heart rate when the heat is on. Specifically cyclocross  searing heat.  I am so preoccupied/focused in getting myself around the course without bashing into someone or tripping over a barrier while trying to maintain a steady effort but not without skills that would make you FLINCH  and in no way shape or form am I  paying attention to heart rates during the race. I had no idea I could maintain or crest into a heart rate zone (as seen below) that  I actually do until I strapped on my Garmin for the first time this year to record some data.  Now put me on my Computrainer for an indoor focused effort, interval workout and there is no way in fiery hell, I can get myself to suffer in that manner. Not even CLOSE.  By maintaining a fixed wattage of 200 for 3 minutes and not letting my cadence drop below 92,  my heart rate never goes ANY HIGHER than 173-174 max  yet  I am BLEEDING from my eyeballs and suffering with a capital *S*.  Go figure.

Garmin data, day two Gloucester Gran Prix

This weekend rounded out another 2 day event at The Providence Cyclocross Festival. Stay tuned for
more high heart rates, a broken spoke on day one, a bent hanger from crashing in gravel on day two and more favorite captured moments. 
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Lucho said...

Wow! You have another career lurking in there. Fantastic shots!

Trigirlpink said...

Thanx TW

Cathy said...

Your HR graph looks right, FWIW. That's the kind of effort you should be putting out. Believe it or not, my 'cross efforts are often harder/higher than my CBTT efforts...

Great photos, and nice job moving up from last row to 67th! That's AWESOME!