Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's always something.

 I haven't felt much like posting over the last 12 days nor have i read a single blog. Call me Trigirl hobbling pink hermit. My 2 race triathlon comeback is OVER. It feels like I didn't even get through the previews and I got firmly escorted out with a half a tub of  popcorn and my Diet Coke barely touched. WAIT A MINUTE!

No fair.

I played by the rules and I am MAD.  
Such is life.
They think a labral tear diagnosed in 2008 is the culprit that I opted out of getting repaired. Is this making me hobble?? We don't know..yet.  One day I was running and the sun was shinning. The next I was hobbling and looking for a gun. Suddenly, no warning. Game over...

Greetings from radiology! A place I'm  becoming all to familiar with. So familiar, my hospital attire feels normal. Sad but it's true. I can give you tips on how to wear your gown so nothing is hanging out from the front or the back!

Here I am modeling the latest in hospital attire. Notice the lovely pattern this season. It's all the rage!

  Here's the big ol' needle syringe I got plenty of time to sit and stare at while I waited to be
poked with into my hip joint yesterday.

           Here's my hip  getting an injection under guided fluoroscope with cortisone to determine if the labral tear is my issue.  No pain, no hobbling post injection= labral tear acting up.

      Here's my awesome  team @ Mt. Auburn Hospital in Boston who made it quick and painless. Cheryl, Dr. Marianacci and Dr. Boyce.  :-)

Well, it's only been 24 hours and honestly, the verdict is out.  I still feel something. Time will tell I guess. In the mean time, cycling doesn't seem to bother it and I'm desperately clinging on to my well established bike fitness so perhaps I can go play with the cyclocross people since I keep getting kicked out of the triathlon club.


cheryl said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I can totally empathize. I've been unable to run since April, hurt my shoulder and couldn't swim. COuld ride my bike, so did that. Then 10 days ago, crashed my mtb and separated my shoulder, so now I can't do anything :-(

hope you heal up, and that we both somehow find the patience to get through it.

Kelly said...

Ugh!! Hang in there! Praying for a quick recovery.

Sue said...

at least you belonged to a "club", and you look darn "hot" in that dress with those legs!!:) Wish i had nice legs....sorry to hear about all that stuff!! Want to go to Kona with us???!!:) Time for "you got mail"... said...

oh COME ON! for REAL??????? I am pissed for you sister!

Pedergraham said...

Awwwwww, that really sucks. We are having a big cyclocross race up here this weekend. I will be helping at registration on Saturday morning.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I know.:(( I hated that email from you. I hate them, stop it. I am hoping this heals fast and you are back together SOON.
THANK goodness it is fall and not spring. ONE saving grace. x

Andree said...

I have been waiting for news...HUGE URGHHH. Please let me know what you find out. Lots of prayers for you

GoBigGreen said...

Dude someone throw you a bone. dang it.
Lets hope its just a flair up and then it will tell you to rest and strengthen and yadadadayadada
Hang in there, hope its just temporary!
PS dont ya think they COULD get gowns in a different pattern, i mean really? EVERYONE HAS THOSE GOWNS!

n8 said...

there should be an event called Cyclocross but instead of bikes and dirt everyone sits around and plays cards for money and drinks a lot.

Sister Paular said...

I'm thinking cyclocross with training wheels and safety mats might be a safe bet! that needle scared me sister Lainer!

Paular said...


Rebecca DeWire said...

I am so, so sorry to hear about this. I hope that you can get this figured out so the injury doesn't remain a mystery. I can totally empathize with you, though. I am going on 1.5 yrs since my initial hip injury and while it is better, it still doesn't feel 100% right and I am honestly uncertain if I will ever feel like I have normal biomechanics again. Injuries suck big time!!!!

GZ said...


But yeah - make lemons out of that lemonade and spin the pedals!