Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tic tock.. tic tock.... I hear little voices in my head

..... you have 8 weeks left, TGP.. CDA is rapidly approaching.

I've come to terms with the following: My coaches past and present must think I'm a nut job. Picture me.. I have spirals in my eyes and thank god I wear a night guard (the hardest plastic they make) while I sleep or I'd have no teeth left from grinding them down to stubs.
Spastic, unglued, suffering from some undiagnosed mental disorder? It's a rest week for me. LOL.. rest week? Just not good for me or rather my head... If I'm not tired and sore shuffling or hobbling out of bed from a session of suffering the day previously, then I'm not gaining anything, right? Twisted, I know.

On a brighter note, this week has been labeled Shock Therapy at masters. Right up my alley, ya think? Whoo hoo!!! Mit Masters swim coach Bill came up with this one. He is sick of the bitchin', moanin', people coming late and leaving early so he sent out an email Sunday night basically telling us to suck it up, or rather HTFU (my mother loves this btw) and snap out of our little high maintenance-selves with constant whining and incessant need for coddling. Get your ass here on time, complete the given workouts and be prepared. No wussified workouts this week. He wasn't kidding. We did 4100 on Monday and 4300 today. I never wanted my toasted bagel with peanut butter so much.

Happy,judicious, sane and safe training this week!



BreeWee said...

AWESOME! You are gonna be swimming pretty fast soon with the SHOCK at the pool! Yikes, I sort of wish my masters coach would get our wimpy butts going too. ENJOY all the post-workout bagels, you deserve em'!

kerrie said...

reallllllllly? is it only 8 weeks...i have to go count...i thought it was still 10 or so, lol. either way, still plenty of time :). i hope nobody get any funny ideas around the FAC pool cause i really like 'modifying' my workouts.
believe it or not, it is snowing once again here today!!!!!! but it is okay cause i am taking a much needed rest week.

Cathy said...

Trouble with a rest week? Didn't YOU tell ME:

It tougher to rest sometimes then doing the prescribed work given for a week especially if it's nice out.

Trigirlpink said...

Yez Cath..

But do what I say not what I do! LOL. Your new kit is Sweeeeet! I'll be at the CBTT soon. Looking forward to seeing you.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hey - enjoy the rest week while you can! You know Jen.... :) Be careful what you wish for!

Besides, NOW is when your body is REALLY growing from all the excellent sessions that you've done. Way to go!

Have fun at Masters.... :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Wow, awesome swimming, you speedster. Super serious coach....LOVE IT! I too crave my bagel w/PB and honey after swims. But lately I have been too lazy to get to the pool at 5AM, so I am on the lunch hour swim plan ;-) Luckily Oracle has a pool on campus. Phew!