Friday, March 7, 2008

Today is....

Freaky Fabulous Fishlike Four Thousand Friday don't cha know.
Come to think of it, so was last Friday and the Friday before.

Ever since Danielle started the Blogger Swim Challenge, I'm on a runaway train and I can't get off.

Two Friday's ago it was 20x100
Last Friday, it was 10x200 (thanks to Jen Harrison for tossing me a great set on her way out the door for her training weekend down south )
and then today, I managed to rack up another 4000 main set.

It didn't come without issues though.
Last Friday I had one other person confirmed to do the 20-200's with me during our scheduled masters (am) swim time. We planned to (sneak over a few lanes) and take a non-masters lane to do the set as we had done the week prior. As word spread on what we were doing, our lane ended up with 3 more lane mates besides myself and Jason. Jason,Steve,Bob and Joe K. They all were up for the challenge jumping in with me for the workout and I don't think Coach Bill was too thrilled with me causing this unforeseen mutiny. On that note, I decided I'd better let Coach Bill on the idea this week if I was to do another Epic Friday set and let him propose a given set to complete. After a few emails I was ready to roll. It would be 16x 250 decending in groups of 4.

Today, Jason, Joe Paulo, Bob and I did the set. But Coach Bill was MIA and while the rest of the morning crew scrambled to figure out what the heck to swim, we got down and dirty.

Just Love It!

Thanks for getting me out of the 3400-3600 yrd grind I do the other days I swim with MIT Masters. FFFFT-Fridays most certainly will get me fishlike for CDA.


Pedergraham said...

I think those long swims definitely help. I do 2 longish swims/week of about 4500: one is pull/strength the other is threshold at 4500. Unfortunately, it means if I swim with masters, I generally have to stay another half hour. When I'm lucky, though, I can drag some of my friends training for IM and convince them to swim with me.
I like the push I get from swimming with a masters group--I just wish they'd swim another 1500 yards!
Way to go you mutineer!

GCDavid said...

So that is where your head was when I was peeking in your kitchen window at 5:00am while wearing my headlamp and you didn't even notice. But, for the record, I was standing on the road, which means such intrusions are completely legal.

Mel said...

You are good getting those swim workouts in.....rock it sista :)

Anonymous said...

OH Excellent! :) We have created a monster (Danielle's swim challenge!) and that is great...perfect for CDA...and glad the swimming is coming along! Funny you were doing a ton of 250s...that is what I have been doing all week...something must be in the air. :) Let us know what this Friday is! Jen H.